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Yankee Candle holder (Bottom Right) £7, Asda // Wicker Heart Cut Out Candle Holder (Bottom Left) £4, Homebase // Yankee 6 Candle Set £6, Asda.

No matter the time of year I love candles, I always love to burn them but during the warmer months it's just not an option when you're already sweating. During the colder months I like to take full advantage of being able to burn them all day long and I'm especially loving the Christmas sets and candle holders that have come into store.

The Yankee Christmas set contains six candles of different Christmas scents such as Holiday Magic, Frosted Spruce, Frosted Snow, Christmas Treats, Frosted Cinnamon and Cherry Vanilla.

I have a love that goes deep for the Cherry Vanilla candle, this is the only candle in the set that isn't part of the "Christmas Scents" line which I am very happy about, since I rebuy it constantly. I haven't had a chance to use the other candles yet as I'm still burning some which I am yet to finish but as soon as I do, Frosted Cinnamon is my next choice.

The Christmas candles all smell lovely in the packaging and I really can't wait to have my room filled with warm, spicy, sweet Christmassy scents. It just adds another level of cosiness into the home that nothing else can replicate.

Am i 21 or am I 71? Who knows! Whats your favourite Christmas scent? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Alicia x

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  1. hi dear! oh i love candles too!! they are so lovely and make everything more romantic! im noe following you via gfc! it would be great if you could visit mine and follow me too! kisses!:)


    1. Haha! Candles are my favourite thing to buy for my home :) I've bought 3 packs of these and I'm nearly ran out, which is a shame because they were a Christmas limited edition :'( yeah sure :) xxxx

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