Sunday Summary #22

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To say that I am well and truly in the mood for winter is an understatement, payday has come and gone and I've purchased lots of tights, socks, fluffy pjs, a new coat and some winter boots. I've also stocked up on candles, slipper and cute candle holders!

Home Deco is something that gets me really excited (in a non sexual way...) I just love bringing new things into my home to make it cosy and homely. This Owl Tea-light Holder is from Next and it cost £14, I just love it! I think it's so cute and so nice it looks perfect on top of my DVD shelf!

This Is Halloween So, this week it was Halloween and even though I didn't get dressed up and go out or do anything particularly exciting, it's still one of my favourite holidays. I just love that everyone carves pumpkins and makes and effort to get sweets for all the little trick or treaters than come around. I stayed home with my cat pumpkin (pictured above) and drank Gingerbread lattes with a million candles surrounding me, it was bliss! 

Nicole x Missguided collection is absolutely beautiful. I'm not a huge fan of Nicole Scherzinger and I wasn't massively fond of the last collection but this time round there are a few bits that I want. First off I chose this dress which is a Forest Green coloured backless dress, it's perfect for autumn/winter and I just think it's really simple and effortlessly beautiful.

How's your week going?

Love Alicia x

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