Review // Sanctuary Spa Therapists Secret Facial Oil

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I'm a strong believer in looking after your skin before anything else, you only have one chance to make your skin look the best it can and it's really important to use the right products for you skin type.

I've been dabbling in skincare for the past year and while my regimen still isn't perfect and I'm still trying and testing new products, one product has really stuck out to me and made a huge difference in my skin.

Sanctuary Spa Therapists Secret Facial Oil, £17.50 - Boots

What they say: "This 100% natural superfood for skin works on all skin types. A powerful mixture of pure oils; sunflower, jojoba & wheatgerm oil, known to be rich in vitamin E, helps replenish the skin's own natural oil content & provides noticeable plumping & lasting rejuvenation.
Rosehip seed oil helps rebuild & strengthen, while the balancing duo of precious rose & frankincense soothes & calms for skin that looks dewy-soft, radiant & noticeably younger."
It's a fact (more or less) that makeup will look rubbish, no matter how expensive, if you skin isn't well looked after. Now don't get me wrong i'm not saying if your skin isn't clear or if you suffer acne then you're f**ked. I'm saying if you don't look after your skin as best you can not only will your skin suffer, your makeup wont look as flawless as it could.

I have only recently in the last few years really got into makeup and only in the last year, maybe less, really wanted to do the best I can to look after myself and especially my skin.

I've tried many products, some fantastic, some ok and some horrendous and even though I don't share them all, I do share what I love and I really love this facial oil.

Sanctuary Spa was based in Covent Gardens in London but closed in 2014. The products however are still available and I buy mine from Boots. The products are all specially formulated and were originally for use within a spa environment which is what makes them so incredible.

This facial oil is so luxurious and smells absolutely divine. It applies onto the skin via pipette, which is incredibly hygienic as it doesn't even need to touch your skin and sinks in without a trace of grease. It leaves the skin feeling plump, soft and incredible.

This oil is suitable for all skin types. I have combination/oily skin and it works wonderfully. You can apply this morning and night and it apparently is suitable for under makeup. I only apply this at night so I cannot comment on that. As my skin does have oily tendencies I prefer to only apply it at night and that works fine for me.

Since using this oil my skin has been more well behaved in terms of oil production and dry patches. I still get the odd blemish and dry patch here and there but not as much as I used to!

Have you ever tried this product? Let me know what you think of it! How did it work for you? 

Thanks for reading! 

Love Alicia x

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