After Christmas treats! Primark, Boots and CEX Haul.

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Hey guys! 
Student loan is in! QUICK!! Hide my bank card!! Haha, no I have promised to be good this semester and I've kept to my budgeting so far (with the help of Christmas spends that have recently been put into my account!)

Here's what I have bought:


Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover: £1.30            Real Techniques Powder Brush - Boots, £12.99

Ok. So, these are the beauty purchases I made today - perhaps slightly overindulgent in the price range but I felt it was needed! I am yet to try the powder brush but I am expecting nothing but fabulousness from it as all the reviews for Real Techniques brushes are amazing! I am so excited to finally get my hands on this product! Then we have the nail polish remover which is pretty self explanatory...I need to take my nail varnish off but I had run out hence the purchase!


Primark Leopard Print Flats* £2                                   Primark NERD T-shirt, £4

Primark Cotton Owl Print Snood £4                              Primark "Short" Skinny Jeans - £9

Primark Fur Trim Biker Jacket* £10


Primark Coffee Mug £2.50                                                            Brides Maids* CEX, £4
                                                                                                       Shutter Island* CEX, £2.50
Primark Jack Russell Cushion £4

So, I planned a budget for myself this semester as last semester i ran out of money RAPIDLY and I've decided I'll treat myself moderately once a month IF I stick to my budget! These are the things I have bought this month my favourites being the cushion and the real techniques brush :) all from shops in Liverpool city centre!

What're your January sales buys?? Link me! :)

Alicia x

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1 comment

  1. I have a cushion from Primark like that but it's got a pug on it - they're my favourite ! loving your blog, just started following :) XXX


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