Another life post! : Storage solutions/bargain hunting on a student budget!

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I recently moved back to uni after the new year and was sick to death of the sight of my room, it just wasn't "me" enough and I didn't know what to do about it. I ended up clearing out every single bottle, all the rubbish, old receipts and anything deemed as "clutter." After I had done this I started to rearrange my furniture to try and get my room into my preferred style as the way the university had arranged it was just weird. The wardrobe is literally slap bang in the middle of the room leaving no space for anything else!

This gets be down because I hated living in a room that felt like it wasn't a home, it just looks too "officey" and that made me upset and definitely not comfortable. So I decided to take it upon myself to buy lots of happy things and to change my room around until I felt it was mine and this is what I bought :)

     Green Cauldron Style pot, £4 TK Maxx  (for my 
   Bronze Coaster Holder £1, TK Maxx                                                            make up brushes!)
  (but I've use it for my rings!)                       

                      This is what they look like on my vanity table!

This is only an example of two of my recent purchases that I have bought to make my room a little more creative and unique but I love them! Couldn't be more happy with these purchases and I will definitely be going back to TK Maxx when I get the money to look at more of their deals! There is a Beverly Hills Polo Club make-up bag that I have spotted which I want to snap up ASAP! Hoping it's still there when I go back!

What are your storage solutions? Let me know! Has this given you any ideas? Leave a comment below :)

Alicia x
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