Health kick 2013! What I'm eating.


So I've recently realised that I have been eating a lot of bad foods such as cookies, chocolate bars, fast food. Just because it was easy and convenient for me. I decided at the beginning of the year, just because its the stereotypical "new start" that I would vow to become healthy, not skinny, healthy.

I made my way down to the local Aldi and looked what I could buy, including snacks, and I realised that my problem is, not that that I don't have the money or that there isn't anything I like. I'm just too lazy to actually think about what I would like to eat, if it's healthy and take the time to actually prepare it. 

After my trip to Aldi I came out with bags of healthy stuff such as Wholemeal bread, Mushrooms, Strawberries, Peppers, see where I'm going, right? I decided that from now oh I will eat healthier and even when I snack, I have things like nectarines and strawberries to fill me up instead of crisps and chocolate. I vow to put in the effort and to prepare a meal from scratch rather than to walk to the nearest maccies or to shove a meal in the microwave. So far so good I made a decent meal!

This is what I made:

(Ignore the playing cards haha!) Chicken with savory brown rice!

Not going to lie i actually prefer this to the fast food, which is ok every now and again but, gets a bit sickening after a while! 

This is how I made it :) > Put the rice into a pan of LIGHTLY salted water (enough water to cover the rice)
                                   > Bring it to the boil and keep stirring, when it starts to boil, reduce heat slightly and then grab a frying pan, add some olive oil chicken to a frying pan and add a little pepper to the chicken.
                                   > Chop up some mushrooms, peppers and onions add them to the frying pan with the chicken in and reduce the heat.
                                  > When the chicken had lightly brown take some peas and sweetcorn (or any veg you like!) drain the juice from it and add it to the pan with the rice in it, remember to keep stirring both pans!
                                > when the majority of the water has gone from the rice pan, strain it off and pour onto a plate. Make sure the chicken is white all the way through, then it's ready to eat, serve and enjoy! 

Here's a few pictures to (maybe) help you along!

Going to throw in a picture of my "healthy food" window sill too!!

What are you favourite healthy meals? Send me some recipes/ideas! Happy 2013 :) (bit late haha!)

Alicia x
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  1. I've out on so much weight being a student that I'm on a health kick too... Sometimes.. It's the alcohol that does it for me, I don't drink less calorific alcohol! and the hungover fast food... oops! x x x


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