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As many of you may know, I'm a student in Liverpool John Moores University and while there I was lucky enough to live in halls and get the wi-fi for free but some of my friends, who live in student flats and houses have to pay for it themselves.

WE all know ti can be a hassle, having to pay bills every month and buy food and pay rent whilst ALSO affording alcohol (necessary) can be a bit of a juggling mission on a student budget and that's where BT have stepped in to help!

They are offering 9 months subscription, ultimate entertainment packages to be won, 2 different options: 38 MB for £20 a month or 16MB for £16 a month which is a really good deal for students on a budget.

Coming from a family who are BT customers I can happily tell you about the great deals that come with this package. As well as unlimited connection and fibre optic broadband you get unlimited weekend calls to landlines, BT sport online and also BT Smart Talk app access/BT Wi-Fi hotspot access.

As you can see from the three pictures at the top of the page (these are BT Smart Talk and BT Wi-fi apps on my iPhone) you can get these apps FREE from the app store and they basically give you access to wi-fi wherever there is a hotspot (the app pin points where your nearest hotspots are) and the Smart Talk app saves you money when calling 0800, 0845 number from you mobile whilst also making calls abroad (from within the UK) whithout it costing roaming charges AND making calls without having to top up your pay as you go credit!

I use these apps quite often being a student I often need to phone banks and Student finance so using this app makes it cheaper for me to call them & I always use up my wifi when I'm away at uni cause the wi-fi in my halls is crapola so having BT wifi saves me!

If you would like to know more about this offer then visit the BT Student Website

*This post have been written in association with BT, all views and opinions are my own & 100% true and honest.

Alicia x
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