REVIEW: Maybelline BrowDrama Brow Sculpting Gel in Medium Brown

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This product is one that was an absolute god send to me. I'd been looking for a high street tinted brow gel for a while when I stumbled upon this and I'm so glad I did.

To me, eyebrows are my most hated yet most loved part of my face, if they go wrong, I'm in a bad mood but if they go right, the rest of my make up just falls into place and the brows really frame your face so getting them right is really important, for me anyways!

This product sets my brows as well and for a long time without them looking shiny, they look as natural as ever! As you can kind of see from the consistency of the swatch on my hand, yes its brow gel not poop, it's a tinted gel not just a brown liquid to put on your brows which I think is really important and adds to the natural look it leaves your brow hairs with.

Obviously it's not a necessity to have this in your make up bag, if you're lucky enough to have brows that aren't wild then you could probably skip this step. Unfortunately for me it is necessary so I do use this daily!

Tinted brow gels obviously aren't for everyone and you can get clear brow gels and I'm sure you're very much aware of but seeing as my eyebrows are basically see through, this is a life saver!!

Have you ever tried this product? It's £4.99 in Boots!

Alicia x
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