WISHLIST: Court Shoes - With Clarks


All Shoes shown here are priced at £54.99 and can be bought HERE. To see these actual pairs of shoes, just click the images.


So recently I've been applying for a few jobs, some formal and some informal and I found that I didn't really have the right shoes to attend the interviews in. I was so confused about where to look and when I did look online I could never find any that didn't make me look like I was about 90 or that would fit my style. Enter Clarks Court Shoes!

These three pairs are the ones I feel like I'd probably be most likely to wear and the ones that I could use again for different occasions such as family meals, wedding christenings or even on a night out if I 'want a hugeeeee heel!

Clarks do an amazing range of court shoes that come in all sizes and included wide fit and standard fit. They're also perfect for any occasion as they have such a variety.

When I was little and I needed school shoes, even though my feet would grow about an inch a day or something stupid, my Mum would ALWAYS take me to Clarks because she knew that the quality of their shoes really was worth the price and I still think the same thing today.

Have you got any court shoes in mind? What do you think of my picks? Let me know!

*This post has been written in association with Clarks, however my opinions and views are 100% honest and true.

Alicia x
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  1. They all look perfect for interviews, xoxo.

    1. Well, they got me the job! :D haha xxx


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