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For as long as I've known about them I've really wanted a beauty blender but something within me, I think it's the poor student, just won't let me spend £15 on a make up sponge...

I've tried some of the dupes such as the cosmopolitan ones and the models own but I've never really got on with them as I find they retain too much water if I try and make them damp, even when I've squeezed then within an inch of their life, and they basically just wash my make up off as I'm trying to apply it or they just soak up too much if my foundation which again is a no no. 

That's where this beauty comes in - enter the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, the sponge to end all sponges (except the beauty blender because as I said - I'm too tight with money.)

This sponge has a variety of shapes and sides to apply different products in different ways for a better application. There's a flat side to blend foundation and also anrounded side of a more light coverage foundation application. Then there the point which can be use to blend foundation in those harder to reach areas such as the inner corners if the nose and the eyes. The pointed end can also be used to flawlessly blend concealer, which I actually use it for and it works a dream.

This is definitely a multiuser of a product and worth the £5.99 price tag! Where as the beauty blender is £15 over doube the price.

This sponge can be used wet or dry depending how you prefer your application and so on and can be washed in warm water (then air dried) which I think is really good considering the last time I washed my foundation sponge (not this brand or model may I add) it crumbled and I was left shocked and confused! 

The coverage the sponge provides is very variable but I usually go for a fuller cover which you can definitely achieve with this.

Overall I think this sponge is another great product from Real Techniques but hey, we all expected it to be anyway!

Have you tried this sponge? Let me know! 

Alicia x
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  1. Haha we posted a review of this at the same time! x

    1. Haha! Woops!! Goes to show how good it is!! :D xxx

  2. Ahh everyone seems to be raving about this little beauty and i would love to give it a try :D

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