REVIEW // Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush in Peach Passion

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Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush in Peach Passion (Shimmer) £25, Debenhams


You've probably seen this in my March favourites but as a beauty blogger it's my job to write up a full review, so here I am! Doing that for you :)

This blush has become my staple in these summer months because it's so light and shimmery yet so pigmented. The peach tones gives it that perfect edge for these (what are supper to be) Spring/Summery months and the shimmer, which comes in the form of very finely milled gold flecks are the perfect addition to this already stunning blush.

The packaging is another factor that caught my eye as it's just so stunning. Estee Lauder are known for having very classy, grown up and sophisticated make up packaging as well as quality products, possibly why they get lumbered as the "old lady brand" so often, but I really do love them despite the age band they've been stuck in, I think the brand is superb for all ages and sexs.

The wear time is incredible and will hold up just as long as your base will. I often wear Estee's Double Wear so the two stay on all day, no problems, even on my oil slicked skin.

Conclusively, this blush is amazing, the price tag is a little steep but it's ok as a one off treat right? I wouldn't go filling my draws full of every colour from the range (since 4 of these would set me back £100, yikes!) but as a one off, it's brilliant as you barely even need to touch the blush to get the colour pay off, so I can see it lasting a long time.

Have you ever tried this blush range? Let me know, leave me a comment! 

Alicia x
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