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 Real Techniques Nic's Picks Brush Set, £29.99 - Boots (Nic's picks is limited edition and no longer available on the Real Techniques site, however definitely check your local drugstore as I got mine from there 3 weeks ago and saw some still available last week)

Everyone. their mum and their dog knows about Real Techniques brushes.  Created by Sam & Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo these brushes were created with high quality taklon bristles, a cruelty free material, and amazing quality at a lower, drugstore price point. 

Yes, my brushes are a little used, but the had just been washed and then I used them again before taking pictures, stupidly. When I say "New In" I mean new in my collection, they are pretty new though, these brushes came out in October 2014 and will be selling until all stock is sold, I presume, as they are Limited Edition.

Within the set you get five brushes, three of which are set exclusives, the brushes you get in the set are as follow: Duo Fibre Powder Brush, Cheek Brush (set exclusive), Base Shadow Brush, Angled Shadow Brush (set exclusive) & Eyeliner Brush (set exclusive,)

All brushes are embossed with traditional Real Techniques colours, orange for base brushes, pink for finishing brushes and purple for eye brushes, to make it easier to coordinate them and if you like you can even separate you brushes into different pots, for neater storage.

My favourite out of the five definitely has to be the Duo Fibre Powder Brush, its brilliant if you want to lightly powder your face, if you want a light wash of colour with blush or bronzer and even if you want to pack on contour and then buff it out, I use it for all those reasons and it's just brilliant as are all the brushes in this set and in the rest of the line.

The sleek, silver handles with a black grip at the bottom is really chic and classic and they look beautiful sitting on your makeup desk or area and surprisingly don't really get big fingerprint marks all over them, which is good, however I do like to give mine a polish so they sparkle.

This little set is well worth the £30, if you're like me and tend to be a little tight fisted with money, think of it this way, you're only paying £6 per one brush, which is incredible when you compare to the price of a MAC brush, I paid £18 for my 217 from MAC and my base shadow brush is pretty much on par with that (albeit a little bit less dense)

If you would like to visit Sam & Nic's youtube, Click here

Would you buy this set? Have you got it, if so what are your thoughts & how do you use them? Let me know your thoughts and opinions!

*all information correct at the point this post was published.

Love Alicia x

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  1. I've been eying the new Bold Metals Collection brushes, but will probably end up purchasing these. Better bang for the buck! Plus, these are nice and sleek, too! Great post, Alicia! Just followed! :)


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