12 Days of Beauty: Day 12 - Benefit POREfessional Primer


12 Days of beauty is an on going series, one post per day, of my favourite (and a few not so favourite) beauty products from 2014. It's in no particular order. It will go on from 25th December till 5th January - coinciding with the 12 days of Christmas!

You can read my full review of Benefit's POREfessional here, if you would like to read that first!

Benefit POREfessional is a widely renowned primer aimed at people with large pores wanting to blur them out and is also good for keeping oily skin matte, I first discovered this primer last February, way after everyone else and after reading reviews, knew I had to purchase it.
Benefit POREfessional has many rave reviews and it's not hard to see why, its a thick, creamy, silky primer which going on to the skin and smooths it out whilst keeping it matte and blurring pores, which ticks all my boxes, that's exactly what I'm in need of and I'm yet to find a primer which does the job as good as this one.

There's just no no comparison when it comes tot this primer for me, it's above all others and whilst not everyone may agree with me, it definitely depends on what your skin type is and what you're looking for and for me this is my holy grail.

I am beyond in love and will continue repurchasing until something better comes along and I think I'll be waiting a while for that because this is the top of the top for me it's just that good in my opinion and for my skins needs.

I hope you enjoyed my 12 Days of beauty, see all the posts and all of my favourite beauty products of 2014 here.

What do you think of Benefit POREfessional? Do you know of any product that could be dupes for it? What is your favourite primer? Let me know your opinions below!

Love Alicia x

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  1. This is my all time favourite primer! :) Lovely post xx

    Ana Céline Labod

    1. Same! I haven't found anything like it since discovering it either! So so good xxx


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