REVIEW // Makeup Revolution Blush & Concealer Palettes


 Makeup Revolution 6 colour blush palette in Sugar & Spice, £6 - Makeup Revolution
Makeup Revolution 6 colour ultra cover & conceale palette in Light, £6 - Makeup Revolution

Palettes are so handy to have for things like concealer and blush as you can have larger numbers of colours all in one palette, which is perfect if you want to take your makeup travelling or if you're a Makeup Artist and want to stock up on as many colours and textures as possible with limited bag space.

I bought the Makeup Revolution blush and concealer palettes a while ago to test the waters, if you will, with some of their base products. When buying them I didn't expect them to be high quality or to match the standards of my Estee Lauder Doublewear Concealer/Blushes. Needless to say, they do have a bloody good stab at it though. The pigmentation on the blushes is insane and when I say that I mean out of this world, I have to be careful how heavy handed I am with my brush, anything over on press will have you looking clown like, but with the right amount of force and application, you get a beautiful long lasting flush of colour across the cheeks and they also blend well as eyeshadows!

The concealer palette isn't as high coverage as I'd like, they're very creamy and easy to blend but they're also very sheer so if you're wanting to cover up dark pigmentation then I doubt this would be the product for that but for blemished and under eye highlighting it does the job just perfectly. I bought the "Light" palette as I'm quite pale and even the lightest concealer is way too light for me so if you're looking for a sheer, pale palette then Makeup Revolution have you sorted. 

There are 6 colours in each palette and needless to say not every one of them suits me perfectly but if you work with them you can tailor them to the look you're going for, for example some parts of my face show up quite pinky/cool undertones which others come up yellow, so the concealers are perfect for counteracting what my foundation my not have done so well and with the blushes, like I said before, some of them look perfect on my skin others not so well, but they can be used as eyeshadows when I'm going for a colourful look or a pop of colour on the bottom lash line.

I don't use these palettes everyday but they are good quality palette for the price point and Makeup Revolution seem to be well known in the blogosphere for top quality at the price. The packaging is something that really stood out for me as it's sleek, simple and has a huge mirror perfect for on the go.

Have you tried any of these, or any other, Makeup Revolution products? Which ones did you go for? Have you any recommendations for me? Let me know your thoughts & Thank you for reading!

Love Alicia x
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  1. Hey!! Amazing Post.. I never tried Makeup Revolution before.. But I would love to try their products :D

    1. They're actually really good for the price! (I'm not saying they're cheap & good for what you pay either! They're actually really good!)


  2. love the look of the blush palette!

    from helen at

    1. It's so so good! They're so pigmented and they have quite a range of palettes/colours on their website! xxx


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