(Negative) REVIEW: Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream in Light


Hey guys!

You may or may not have read my First Impressions post on this product a while back when I said I wasn't really loving it. I also compared the colour of this BB cream with the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream along with swatches, if you haven't read that you can read it, here.

Although that was only a first impressions post, my opinion of this product unfortunately remains the same. I did a first impressions post as I wanted to write about the product but felt I hadn't worn it enough/tried different combinations of applying it and different primers etc to have a fully formed opinion on it. However I have now tried many many different products/combinations of applying. I even tried it on it's own with and without moisturizer applying it with my hands and every single time the outcome was the same for me.

When I applied this "light" BB Cream the colour was obviously not light in anyway in fact it's quite orange-y and I would say at least a medium in colour tones. If you're almost ghost like in skin tone, this isn't the one for you. I have a very pinky/warm undertone to my skin and this BB Cream I think was the total opposite, more of yellowy undertones and people with that sort of skin tone.

The formula wasn't too bad I loved how it felt on my skin and how it smelled but it was quite thick for a BB cream, so it just felt like I was applying a foundation. Once on the colour obviously didn't match my skin so I had to put it right down my neck. After a while it would separate on my skin and I would look like I couldn't apply make up properly. I would look too dark and patchy, this was not a good look for me.

It says on the box that it contains a hint of colour, evens, covers and illuminates skin. I experienced none of this i'm afraid and I generally just didn't get on with this BB Cream. The colour, the wear, the effects, none of it worked for me.

The only positives I have for this product are that the packaging is quite nice and simple, the price was very affordable, the feel on the skin is soft and refreshing and the smell is really good. The actual quality of whats inside the bottle, didn't wow me what so ever and I wont repurchase this product, unfortuantely!

I had quite high hopes for this product as I saw it reviewed on a blog which had nothing bad to say about it so the fact I basically hated it was really sad. Obviously this was my experience, I have quite oily skin so maybe this was why I didn't have a good experience and maybe if you bought it, you'd love it but who knows!

Let me know if you got on with this BB cream, I'd love to hear different opinions!

Alicia x
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  1. I haven't tried this but will be staying away. I have fair skin with yellow undertones and this shade would be too dark, definitely a medium shade like you said, xoxo.

    1. Yeah such a shame! It smelt soooo good! xxx

  2. Oh it's such a shame you haven't got on well with this, I find BB creams to be very hit and miss :( I get so frustrated with how dark the majority of the 'light' versions are, I've only come across three which are any good on my pale skin!
    Love Holly x


    1. Yeah I find all the ones from like Nivea, Garnier etc are quite dark even though they're "light". Such a hassle! xxx


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