REVIEW: NEW Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer Pot ✿


Hey guys!

I got this little beauty from a giveaway I won! Yaaaay!! My first ever giveaway prize! I'm so unlucky I never win anything so when I got the email from Hannah of WearMeOutx, (who's blog you should DEFFS go and check out!!) I was so excited!! I really wanted to try this primer but for £8.99 I couldnt justify it for 7ml of product.

At first I applied this primer with a make up brush, a foundation one to be precise, you know the ones - flat and incredibly smooth/soft? Yeah, so I put a little product on the brush and went onto my face, after moisturiser. I didn't feel this was effective because I couldn't actually feel any product coming off the brush so in the end I had to use my hands to see which parts of my face I'd missed. When using my hands I could also feel the texture of the primer itself which is quite like a gel type formula and when it goes onto the skin it does feel quite strange.

Needless to say it did keep my foundation and make up in place for the day, prolonging the life of my make up and generally just doing it's job. So the functionality of this lives up to the standards i'd expected.

The packaging is fairly simplistic, you get a little see through glass pot with a lid so the packaging isn't particularly exciting but it is quite chic and that's something I like about it!

The price is horrendous in my eyes for something so small and it's not even got super cool and expensive looking packaging so make up for the £7.99/8.99 price tag for the minute 7ml of product that you get. 

I do really really like the product and what says it will do it does but the price is really swaying me away from actually purchasing it but i supposed if I use it more and more and actually really love it then quality over price tag is more important!

What do you think of this primer? Have you used it or do you want to? Let me know!

Alicia x
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  1. Replies
    1. It's looking good so far! haha. I have high hopes! xxx

  2. I like primers but dislike the prices on some :D. Congrats on winning the giveaway, xoxo.

    1. Yeah the Benefit ones are like £20-£30!! Ridiculousssss, ah thanks :) xxx

  3. I can't believe how expensive this is :O I get so frustrated with the price of primers and they never seem to last for very long! I'm loving a lot of the Maybelline products at the minute though, I bought one of their dream touch cream blushers today and am so excited to give it a try tomorrow :)
    Love Holly x

    1. I know!!! For 7ml of product its RIDICULOUS! Yeah Maybelline are on point atm. I recently bought their BB Cream for oily skin and they brow mascara!! xxx


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