REVIEW: One Direction For MUA, Cheek Tint and Harry Lipstick.


Hey guys!

I recently reviewed the Liam lipstick from this range which was a berry red type of colour and I said that it was super long lasting and I actually really liked it so I bought another and of course it was Harry's, I also bought a cheek tint.

The cheek tint is a gorgeous baby pink but if applied lazily it can make you look like a clown so be wary of that. It's very pigmented and a little go a long way which for the £3 price tag I think is excellent. This is actually my first cheek tint so I can't actually compare it to anything else but overall my impressions of it are really good.

The lipstick I can't really say much about because I've reviewed the lipstick range in a previous post and they're all the same formula so what I will say is the Harry lipstick which is shade Be Mine, is a true deep red colour which is flattering on pale skin in my opinion, but can also work for other people so it's definitely a shade for a variety of people and the price, again £3, is super inexpensive for what you get. The fact it had 1D engraved on the bullet itself makes me not want to use it but it's so pretty I can't not! The Harry signature instantly sold it to me as well. Can you tell he's my fave? Calm down Alicia.

Anyway I'm really impressed with this range, not only the packaging but the quality of the products for the price as well. Well done MUA, you've done it again!

Alicia x
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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing!:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  2. Both look like nice shades and quite pigmented, xoxo.


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