FIRST IMPRESSIONS: One Direction Lipstick and Lip Polishes for MUA Cosmetics


Hey guys!

So 1D recently brought out a new make up range for MUA that is available online and in Superdrug stores around the country. My Superdrug stocked them, to my surprise as it never stocks or restocks anything! So I picked up 2 things (as everything else had either been prodded or sold!) which were the I Want - (Liam) Lipstick and the Zayn Loves...Watermelon Lip Polish. 

The range has 5 lipsticks, 5 nail polishes, 5 lip polishes and 3 cheek tints everything except the cheek tints has a signature from one of the boys on it, which is why there are 5 of each product. The whole range is priced at £2.50 each for the lip polishes and £3 each for the lipsticks, cheek tints and nail varnishes which I think is a very good price as lots of young girls may want to buy into !d's lastest commercial venture and this will make parents wallets sigh with relief as most 1D related stuff costs over the odds!

Moving on I am a super 1D fan, no shame! I may be 20 but I am in love with these boys and everything they do so it was obvious I would be buying the beauty range, two of my favourite things merged into one!

The lip polish smells delish and I think I might also have to pick up the Vanilla one which I think is Louis (?) I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure! They glide onto the lips like butter and remind me a lot of the Nivea Lip Butter formula, but slightly less moisturising. They have a very slight tint but not enough to very obverly visible so perfect when you just want slight moisture!

The Lipsticks are very pigmented and slide on like butter and I love the formula, I wore mine around tow for 3 hours today (after I bought it) and it barely budged, like most MUA lipsticks which are fab for their £1 price.

Overall my first impressions are good. I wasn't expecting much from these as I simply thought they were just a commercial thing and not a product built for durability and wear. But again MUA have surprised me and continue to be my favourite and most inexpensive drugstore brand!

Have you tried these products or any from the 1D MUA range? Let me know!

Alicia x
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  1. I didn't even realise these came out today, shame on me :( glad you wrote this post though I will be straight to Superdrug to have a peek and maybe a purchase.
    Becka! :) x

    1. It's ridiculous, I went to Superdrug and nearly the whole range had been bought!! If my child was into One Direction I'd cry for my money. xxx

  2. Cute packaging !


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