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Hey guys!

So recently, as you may have seen from my most recent haul, I went to Liverpool for the day shopping. I went into numerous Superdrug stores but all of them were sold out of the Sleek Eyebrow Kit (in shade Light AND Dark) (which is understandable as they're quite good dupes for the Benefit's Brow Zings.) MUA's Pro-Brow kit was also sold out, which would have been my second choice!

The Sleek Eyebrow Kit is £8.49 in Superdrug and since that wasn't in stock I looked elsewhere. I knew that GOSH has recently (ish) come out with a brow kit so I went over to the GOSH stand and found this one which was also £8.49 so I didn't really think by buying this I would be losing anything as if the Sleek one was in stock, I would've bought that! 

This brow kit comes with 3 neutral/earth toned colours from dark to light as well as a wax to hold eyebrows in place. I use a mixture of the middle brown colour and the light as my hair is quite light also. The colours are very limited in terms of people who would be able to use them for example, ginger, jet black or auburn haired people would probably not be able to use this as the tones aren't warm enough or in the jet black haired person's case it wouldn't be dark enough but I'd say anyone with Blonde- dark brown hair or colours inbetween would be fine!

The powder is very finely milled and lightly pigmented so you can build up the colour as you need it. It lasts all day through almost any weather, I've found, but my eyebrows usually hold colour all day anyway no matter what product I use. 

For £8.49 I do think this brow kit is worth the money but it hasn't wowed me as much as the Sleek one did way back last September!

Have you tried this brow kit? Let me know!

Alicia x
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