REVIEW: Soap & Glory Glow All Out Highlighter


Hey guys!

I bought this highlighter as part of a 3 for 2 in Boots which I'm sure you'll know about if you have read my previous blog post or follow me on twitter.

Anyway I've been looking for a high street/drugstore alternative to say MAC or theBalm Mary-Loumanizer so I thought this would be a good alternative to that and I wasn't wrong!

Glow All Out is from Soap & Glory's range which is available at Boots. This cost me £11. The colour comes out as a glow-y champagne pink colour. On the skin it creates a beautiful highlight making your skin look healthy and it blends really well as well. This is also a powder highlighter might I add and it is very very pigmented.

The packaging for me really won me over as I say over and over and over I am so shallow for the aesthetics of a product if it looks pretty then I'm loving it and I will probably buy it! 

Needless to say this product is fab and I love that it's so pigmented and blendable and I will recommend this and will definitely repurchase it!

Alicia x
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  1. Really pretty! I need to discover more S&G products, I only have the firminator. Can't wait until they bring out their usual xmas hamper as I will definitely be buying it this year.

    Beautiful blog, following :)


  2. I'm such a huge fan of S&G, i really need to try this! xo


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