LIFESTYLE/BEAUTY: Dying my hair pink/purple with Schwarzkopf Colour XXL Ultra Brights.

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Okay, so I'll start off by saying in no way am I a pro at this. I dye my hair fairly often and just hope for the best in terms of results. I have had bad results before, I've just dyed over them until I was happy. You need to have healthy hair before dying, bleaching etc as if it's not healthy it will snap and you may lose a lot of hair but this is yet to happen to me or anyone I know, it's only in extreme circumstances. Hair dye however will not make you bald, it is the condition your hair is in that will determine whether or not your hair will cope with the chemicals you're putting onto it, so my advise would be just try and deep condition it at least once a week for about 15-30 mins!

I've done a full review of the Schwarzkopf Colour XXL Ultra Brights Raspberry Rebel >here< if you would like to have a read of that first, as that is the brand of hair dye I used to achieve my soft pink/purple colours, then click the link :) t's currently £5 from Boots!

Moving on!

I decided one day last week after browsing the internet, that I wanted to go fully pink in terms of hair colour and already having the ends purple made me feel a lot more confident about this as I could blend the two without really having to change my hair too much, but I didn't want to go super bright pink, So I first used the Bleach London Super Cool Colours dye in Rose but found that because my hair wasn't WHITE blonde that it didn't really show up on my hair when I applied it and I tried it wet & dry to see if there was any difference and there wasn't, which disappointed me. So I decided to stick to what I know and went for Schwarzkopf XXL Ultra Brights as I'd used Raspberry Rebel and Purple Pink before and knew how bright they would come out on my hair.

I used about half a bottle of 500ml cheap conditioner (so approx 250ml) in a hair dye mixing tub and squirted a little of the dye into it as well. I wasn't precise with this, I just went by eye/mixed the solution until it was a little darker than the colour I wanted my hair to be.

I was trying to get a baby pink colour but because my hair wasn't super light, I wasn't really coming out very well so I thought what the hell, if I'm going pink I may as well go bright pink. Go hard or go home, right?!

So I took to my bleach, dyed my roots back blonde with BBlonde pre-lightener, dried my hair and then mixed some dye&conditioner and applied it to my hair. I mixed it with conditioner so that the dye wouldn't ravage my hair as much but I also like that it makes the dye go further. My hair now is pretty bright and I still have half a tube of hair dye left!

I left the dye on my hair for about 30 minutes and then washed it out and was so shocked by how bright my hair was! At first I was unsure by I'm slowly getting used to the colour as it's so bright I'm just so out of my comfort zone but it really has grown on me (haha hair pun!)

To dye the ends purple (you can't really see it) I used Schwarzkopf XXL Ultra Brights in Purple Punk and I just parted my hair into two equal sections from the back, squirted it from the tube and into my hairs and put it onto the ends of my hair then let it set for 30 mins, simple as!

I'll probably keep my hair like this until I either get bored or my roots grow in so fair that I just re-bleach my whole head blonde again. There we have it, that's how I dyed my hair/my journey!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Alicia x 

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