REVIEW: Barry M Angled Brush & Fluffy Eye Brushes



Okay, so usually I stick to my trusty MAC or Real Techniques brushes for my face/eyes but I was browsing Superdrug a few weeks ago and saw these brushes and since I don't really have anything like them in my eye brush collection I decided to go for them.

I bought the angled brush and the small domed fluffy brush. I really wasn't expecting anything from them at £2.99 a pop but they dd surprise me when I started to use them! They're not brilliant but they do certain jobs very well.

They are synthetic and they can shed a little but they don't shed as much as you'd think, maybe a few hairs every week or so but definitely not every use, and I use them every day. You can wash these brushes as you would wash any other brush and they aren't scratchy, despite the way my pictures have made them look they are actually quite soft! I wouldn't go as far to say that they're as soft as my RT's or MAC ones but still, they don't leave your lids red raw at the end which is good.

The angled brush I bought originally for my brows but since using a pencil and my RT eyebrow brush I just lost use for it and so now I use it for my gel eyeliner and it does a really good job.

The small fluffy brush I use for under brow highlighting and inner corner highlighting as it just the right shape to get dead into the inner corner of my eyes and spreads just enough highlight under my brow bone.

Barry M has definitely done a good job (for the price) on these brushes and the colourful handles are definitely fab to look at when they're in my brush pots.

So there you have it! My review of these particular Barry M brushes. What do you think of the brushes? Do you have any from this range that you think are particularly good? Let me know!

Alicia x
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  1. Great post lovely! I've been thinking about trying the angled brush for ages, but like you was unsure whether it would be any good. Think I may check it out next time I'm in Superdrug

    Stacey x

    1. Definitely worth a try :) I think they're a bit get and miss but overall good ! Xxx

  2. I trust to my MAC and real techniques brushes like you lol, but a bargain is a bargain. Thanks for the review, xoxo.

  3. I like the look of the brushes - I was eyeing them up while shopping earlier! But I'm not a fan of the colours, bah humbug!

    Charlotte - x

    1. Ah yeah the colours are very in your face but I don't mind them really! Suppose if you wanted to go for simplicity then it's not the best haha! xxx


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