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Products Pictured:
  • Ikea MALM Dressing Table - £90 
  • Ikea Alex (6) Drawers - £60
  • MUJI 2 Drawers Wide Set - £10.95
  • MUJI 2 Drawers Wide Flip Top Set - £11.95
  • Wall Mounted Nail Varnish Holder - £16.50
  • MUJI In Drawer PP Baskets Size 2 & 3 - £1.95/£2.25
Total - £214.60



So first off I want to apologise for the "stock" photo's but since I don't have the actual storage yet, I can't take real photos, so yeah, I apologise for the unattractiveness of this photo.

First off, my make up storage at the moment is DIRE. Some of it is in a set of drawers that also houses my sock and underwear and the rest is just scattered wherever it will fit, it's really making me hate the way my room is laid out so I need to sort it out pronto.

Second of all, I've no idea whether to buy this all in bits now, or wait until I move into my own place at the end of the year. I'm thinking in bits so I can just take it all with me but my room is so awful at the moment, I'd probably have no where to put it all!

Moving on I've seen a lot of this stuff in other peoples make up collections and it just looks so nice and clean and kept tidy so that's what inspired me to do this post.

What's your make up storage wishlist? Let me know!

Alicia x
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