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First off, let me start by saying that this post isn't here to put anyone off going to university or to be like "ew, why are you in university" etc etc. This was my decision and mine alone and that's that.

As some of you may or may not know, I started university in 2012. I went to Liverpool John Moores to study Journalism and ended up leaving/dropping out (if you will) shortly after starting my second year in Sept 2013.

I enjoyed living in Liverpool and appreciate all the friends I've made while I was there they are a lovely bunch. Liverpool is an amazing city and I would love to live there again sometime in the near future, but something just wasn't clicking for me concerning the course.

So basically, all my *teenage* life I knew I wanted to be a Journalist, interviewing celebs, getting top stories and chasing down leads and so on it all seemed so exciting and I was so excited when I got accepted into the course. 

Then when I actually got a taste of this "exciting" life, I just didn't want it any more and it was making me quite unhappy and stressed out. This troubled me because I thought, if I hate it now...why am I forcing myself to try and like it and make it my profession?

I went through my first year actually not minding the course too much but I knew deep down it wasn't for me and was hoping maybe I would grow to like it. 

I passed the first year and decided I'd try again in the second year, maybe the stress and adjustment to university life took it's toll on me. Needless to say in the second year it was even worse for me and I just knew this lifestyle and career path wasn't for me. I love blogging and that side and aspect of journalism, but that's about all I love about journalism. I love going to events and writing about them or reviewing products whether it be positive or negative, I even enjoy interviewing people, who are relevant to my blogs theme, and featuring it. However, the law, politics, newpaper shabang side of it, which it mainly was on my course, was just bringing me down because I felt like I was wasting my time and money.

I knew what I wanted to be and that was a Makeup Artist, I've always been creative with makeup and I've always loved applying it on other people and myself for many reasons. This clicked for me last April and I just knew this is what I wanted to train to do and to spend my time on. So when I went back to university in September and realised near on a month later that I couldn't do it anymore I knew what I had to do. I had to leave liverpool, get a job and just take the time to train to become a makeup artist, which is what I'm doing now!

Obviously there were other factors to me leaving, like I missed my family and my boyfriend so so much and I never had any money for anything when I was in uni. After my rent came out I had £400 for 3 months and there was next to no part time jobs. This stressed me out beyond belief as I have my phone bill to pay every month as well as feeding myself which meant I couldn't go home often due to being too poor, which was something I wasn't comfortable with at all, I am very much a homebird and I always want to be close to my family and the ones I love no matter what. I even missed my cats and my dog silly amounts and I knew I couldn't stay in Liverpool any longer.

This decision didn't come easy let me tell you. I spent countless nights thinking "what if I regret it and want to come back" or "what if people think I've left because I miss my boyfriend and think I'm pathetic?" It "how much debt am I going to be in, am I being stupid?" and you know what, in the end I thought f**k them people because they're the ones I do not need in my life and so I just spoke to the university about it and I left pretty much the same day and I've never looked back.

I didn't see any reason to delay doing, what I consider to be my future job, makeup artistry for a course I couldn't see myself getting a job with afterwards. Yeah it's a degree, but what use is a degree if you don't want anything to do with it? University isn't the be and and end all as I thought it was. My thinkings were "No uni = No job" but that isn't true.

Yeah I enjoyed my experiences at uni and yeah I had a good time and who knows, maybe if I took a course in something I actually liked, I'd still be there. But one thing is for sure, I wouldn't change where I am now for anything because I've learnt so much and grown from the experience and is made me even more determind to succeed in makeup artistry. One thing is for sure that i regret is all the debt! But that's easily solved with a little hard work!

 I'm currently training in makeup artistry and working as a sales adviser in Debenhams. So life's pretty good and all because I took a chance!

What're your thoughts on university?

Alicia x
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  1. I can totally relate... it's such a long story for me, but I'm basically considering transferring courses for the 3rd time. Part of me just wants to stick it out but I keep thinking about how ripped off I'm getting at the current place I'm at (a private institute in Sydney, Australia) when they can't even guarantee a job at the end and the teaching is pretty poor. Then again, I'm doing so well there I feel like I should just stay and make a name for myself on my own when I'm done. Life choices! There are so many to make but things do work out in the end.
    It's good that you went with your heart and you're completely right... if you don't enjoy it now, chances are you never will. I'm sure you'll love make up artistry, though - I know so many makeup artists and they love their lives! Which is the best thing you could hope for.

    x Michelle |

    1. Ahhh, thank you :) definitely. It was a big decision but it was definitely worth it for me. xxx


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