REVIEW: Make Up Geek Eyeshadows

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L-R: Creme Brulee, Peach Smoothie, Cocoa Bear, Corrupt & Prom Night - All £3.99 each/$5.99 + Shipping and Customs/VAT (So £46.70 for the eyeshadows all together) 

**Small Z-Palette from, £8.95 + £3.99 P+P.

Hey :)

Hope you all had a good Christmas & New Year! I got this Z-palette with the MakeUp Geek shadows in for Christmas off my boyfriend after craving them for so so so soooo long!

I'd seen them on YouTube quite a lot and mentioned by Jaclyn Hill & Nicole Guerreiro and they seemed to rave about them all the time so I desperately wanted to try them out!

The shadows come in pans or in little plastic containers depending on how you want them. I wanted them in pans because I wanted to build my own palette and mix some of my MAC shadows into it too (Not pictured the MAC shadows as this is a separate brand post - to find out how to depot MAC shadows to fit into these types of palettes, click here)

The shadow pans are already magnetic so you won't need the little magnetic plates to stick them in. However, you do get some magnetic refills with the X-palette which is handy as if you depot MAC shadow's, you will need them.

Moving onto the actual eyeshadows, they're crazy pigmented and have literally no fallout, except Corrupt, which has a bit of fallout but since I put my concealer on after my eyeshadow this hasn't ever caused problems for me. I like to use Peach Smoothie and Creme Brulee as blending colours/Transitions colour to sit in the crease as they're quite warm skin toned colours, perfect for blending other colours seamlessly!

The shadows last all day long with a shadow base/lid primer and obviously are really pigmented like I previously mentioned. Ever without a eye primer they still stay for around 5/6 hours on my eyes and I have quite oily lids (My whole face tends to get oily - *awaits sympathy*)

I don't really have anything bad to say about these eyeshadows, apart from the price I definitely think they're worth it! 

Kind of annoyed me that I paid £3.99 for each shadow, £6.99 for shipping (Which took 2 & a half weeks) and then on top of that I got charged £8 handling fees and £3 VAT which I don't understand so maybe it was right but I didn't think it was fair as the company failed to mention that this would happen & I've never had it happen with any other US imported items so yeah, that sucked.

The products overall are great and really do what I wanted them to! Will I buy them again? It depends whether I can be bothered to pay VAT & handling but I probably would!

Have you tried Make Up Geek? Let me know!

Alicia x
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