REVIEW: Rimmel's Fix + Perfect Pro 5 in 1 Primer


Rimmel Fix + Perfect Pro 5 in 1 Primer - £5.99, Boots


Being a person of oily skin, I need something to keep my make up on my face for a little longer than usual whilst also creating a barrier between my skin and my make up.

To do this I use a primer, primers main function is to prime the skin read for make up whilst also keeping the make up on longer looking like it's been freshly applied. This particular primer boasts a 5 in 1 action of smoothing, resurfacing, brightening, mattifying and protecting the skin all whilst keeping the make up in place. The big question is, does it?

Well first off I'll say that yes, it does. I love this primer and always end up going back to it after having a bad primer experience. My recent bad experience was with Seventeens Stay Time which you can read my First Impressions post of here. Yep, straight after I'd tried and failed to fall in love with that primer I ran back to my faithful Fix + Perfect and my skin is thanking me for it.

This primer has a slight fragrance to it which I quite like but thought I should give any potential buyers a heads up if you have very sensitive skin and can't use fragranced products. It also comes out as a white cream and goes onto the skin clear and blends in really well/does dry too quickly. It is a silicone based primer but that isn't an issue for me and I get along with it quite well!

I am on the look out for more primers and want to try Benefits POREfessional as I have oily skin and large pores so it sounds right up my street! Any other primers you guys are loving? Let me know! I'm always welcoming new product suggestions.

Alicia x
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  1. I've only ever tried the Smashbox one and the Gosh ones. I think the Gosh one might not help with oily skin though :( Great post! X

    1. Yeah, a lot of them tend to moisturise the skin to stop the foundation drying you out, I'm sure there are plenty to be found for my skin type tho! haha :) xxx


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