REVIEW: L'Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara in Black & Pop Turquoise


L'oreal Miss Mange Mega Volume Mascara in Black & Pop Turquoise £8.99 each

Hey :)

These mascaras have a cool name, right? Anyway, first off I apologise for the sizing of the pictures, there was an error and I gave up! 

I bought these because I literally got suckered in by the name but they didn't disappoint. It took a few coats to build up the volume but they definitely delivered! 

I bought this product in 2 colours, black for everyday use and pop turquoise for more fun make up looks. Pop turquoise is a very true blue colour that really stands out on the darkest of lashes. 

The staying power of these mascaras is incredible giving 8-10 hours wear with not flaking or lash drooping, keeping your lashes curled and looking lovely all day.

The one is a christmas tree shape for extra volume on the outer last giving a sort of cat eye effect. I'm not too sure it does that completely but the wand worked really well for me anyway and curled my lashes well without the help of an eyelash curler which really impressed me.

The product itself, inside the tube is really pigmented (in the colours I bought) and quite wet, if you know what I mean, so make sure your lashes have dried before you go on to do the bottom lashes/fix any eye oriented make up blunders!

Overall I will definitely buy this mascara again and really want to try the Tropical Violet shade! 

Have you tried these mascara's? Let me know!

Alicia x
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  1. I keep reading about this mascara, although I didn't know it came in blue! Definitely going to see if I can find some for myself!

    Alana | Alana Gets Healthy

    1. It's fun for summer, I use it on my bottom lashes with a blue pencil in the water line! xxx

  2. I have the black one, need to go and purchase those other shades! xoxo.

    1. I really want the Violet one! xxx


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