The Monday Matter #10



This past week has been super eventful from having my 21st birthday, to copious amounts of alcohol and chocolate and then I've also been blogging and working. It's been super super fun and I wouldn't have changed it for the world!

The Birthday So like I said I turned 21 this week, Wednesday 23rd to be precise and I didn't do much for it other than drink wine and chill/go to the pub on the weekend but I loved the way I spent it and I was super grateful to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and took the time out of their day to let me know. I got a few presents like chocolate, wine, makeup and money and I was really happy with what I go. Even the girls at work got me a few presents which was super nice of them. In my old job nobody cared if it was your birthday, which was pretty sad! Overall, It was a brill day!

The Shoes With my birthday falling 2 days before payday, this week was a serious shopping week using the "it's my birthday" excuse I went out and bought some new clothes and some AMAZING shoes which are pictured above. I have literally fallen in love with them, they're so pretty and so so bright I just can't get over it! LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE.

So yeah, that was my week in review! Not too much happened but it was a super fun week! How has your week been? Let me know! 

Alicia x
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