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Hair Care is something that is very important to me as I don't often have my hair chopped professionally - fear of the hairdressers who are often too scissor happy!

I tend to just trim the ends myself every 6 or so weeks, if that. So in the mean time I like to keep my hair as nourished and healthy as possibly because I do dye it a lot, being bottle blonde I need to keep my hair in optimum condition so I can continue to redye the roots and what have you without my hair falling out or going crispy and so far, it's worked so here's the products I use!

For shampoo and conditioner I tend to use whatever is in the bathroom that my parents have bought but recently I've been buying myself in a bid to get what suits my hairs needs best rather than whatever my dad finds in the supermarket. VO5 Smoothly Does It range has been a firm favourite of mine since february as it really does smooth my hair out and leave it smelling great and feeling super soft. I love shampoo ranges that will keep the smell on my hair even after blow drying and I do find it hard to find a range that does this for me, but have had no problems with the VO5 range.

Recently I have opted for L'oreal Fibrology as I want some more thickness to my hair, I do have naturally thick hair but a little more volume can't hurt right? I do love my hair to be big and "poofy" let's say for lack of a better term and I haven't been using the Fibrology range for long, infact I haven't been using the whole range, just the Shampoo & Conditioner but it's pleasing me so far and it works up a good lather on the head which I love as I can really feel it cleaning my hair without drying it out. The thickness hasn't improved largely but I'm hoping with further use it will as I've only actually used it twice so I will write up a full review in due course and keep you posted.

In terms of colour care I've been using the BLEACH LDN Silver Shampoo & Conditioner as I've seen many people rave about it and wanted to know if it was as good as all the reviews say. I've done a full review which you can read here but long story short, it has worked for me in some ways and I am pleased with it. My firm favourite for sorting brassiness has to be the Touch Of Silver Twice Weekly Brightening Shampoo as from one wash you can see the difference. It says on the bottle to leave it on the hair for 5 minutes twice a week but I usually just put it on my hair as soon as I'm in the shower, do anything I have to do e.g wash my face, shave and so on and then I rinse it off and go on with whatever shampoo I'm using so it's usually on my head around 10-15 minutes and I have absolutely no complaints with it. The £3.09 price tag is a bonus too because I can usually just buy it with my Boots card points!

Once a week I deep condition my hair and to do this I use TRESemme's Breakage Defence Deep Repair Mask. I put this on as soon as I get home or on Sundays if I'm not doing anything and I leave it for as long as possible which can be as long as 4 hours and then I wash it off when I get into the shower and continue with my usual routine. I have noticed such a huge difference in my hair from doing these masks and it doesn't even have to be this TRESemme one, I picked this up because it was £3 in ASDA, simple as. It can be any mask really but your hair will benefit from the deep moisturisation and my hair has even grow a little as it's stopped breaking as much at the end, result!

Now for the aftercare. When I get out of the shower, I usually towel dry my hair and put my VO5 Smoothly Does It cream on the lengths and tips of my hair AVOIDING the roots because too much moisture tends to way the hair does causing it to be flat and get greasy quicker. I mostly focus on the ends because I barely get my hair cut so I try to prolong the strength of my hair by getting as much moisture into it as I can without caking it in too many products. I also find hair oils to be a saviour on wet or dry hair and again I focus these on the ends. I sway more towards oils that say they have "argan" oil in them as I know this is a brilliant product for the hair & skin I just apply a pea-sized amount to the tips and then move onto the next step.

If I'm blow drying my hair I also use heat protectant before I put any heat onto it. The one I'm using at the moment is L'oreal 3-day Straight, there is not rhyme or reason for this, it was just buy one get one free at Boots and I took advantage but it is a pretty good protectant. I also put this on after blow drying and before straightening. I can't say it keeps my hair straight for 3 days though as usually if I'm straightening the night before, the next morning my hair tends to have a few waves just dotted around the place.

I also us a leave in conditioner occasionally, usually only when I've used any "silver" shampoo's or treatments as they're quite drying to the hair so I usually apply this half way through blow drying my hair when its just a little teeny bit damp or if I'm air drying I will just apply when my hair has almost dried.

Other than that all I do is avoid using heat every day and tend to only wash my hair twice a week, so I've invested in a shower cap (35p from Home Bargains!) and just use that in between washes when I get in the shower/bath each morning or night.

I hope this was helpful to anyone with over processed hair like mine! I find I need a lot of moisture in my hair nowadays because I do use a lot of dyes and heat on my hair but so far so good I still have a full head of thick hair!

What do you use on your hair? Let me know in the comments, I'm always looking to try new things!

Alicia x
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