The Monday Matter #7



This week I've been pretty chilled. I really feel like I appreciate my days off a lot more when I've been busy on my work days and this makes me happy. I'm becoming more organised with my time, slowly, and I'm hoping in turn, with hard work, will come some good rewards and an easy (as can be) life!

The Selfies As you can see this Monday Matter features a LOT of selfies. I've been on my selfie game this week or my "vain" game if you want to see it that way. As I've recently got a new phone which calls the front camera the "selfie" camera. It even says "selfie" when you go to selected it in options! How up to date are phone producing companies now? Selfie has even been recognised as an ACTUAL word in the dictionary! Bizarre.

The Hair Ok so I had to dye my roots back into blonde the other day and it completely threw off my whole "ashy" look and made me more brassy than anything. So I've been on a serious silver shampoo binge and my hair is now lighter than ever and I'm loving it!

The Makeup I've been really practicing and going out on jobs to work up my portfolio for my professional makeup career (which is still in it's early stages.) A lot of my jobs are unpaid because I'm not professional, I'm not saying I'm not good, but I wouldn't charge someone ridiculous amounts for a face of makeup when I've only done a few faces plus they're doing me a favour for letting me put their faces in my portfolio. The only time I charge is for travel (which is most of the time as I live in a village.) Hopefully soon though I can charge professionally! I've been putting a lot of my practice looks, which I do on myself, on Instagram and thank you to everyone who's been so positive, it means a lot!

That's my week in review, how's your week been?? Let me know in the comments below!

Alicia x
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  1. your eyeliner looks incredible in the first one, how did you do it so delicately ?? i LOVE porefressional as well XX

    1. I use Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner in Infinity, it's super creamy and VERY opaque. I also us a REal Techniques Silicone Liner brush and it's amazing and so thin that it's super easy to get a precise liner and then to build it up :) xxx


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