Updated Skincare Routine // 2014

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Since my last Skincare Routine post, a few things have changed, apart from my Garnier ExfoBrush Oil Free Daily Face Wash pretty much everything has changed (Hence why the face wash isn't pictured, but I still use it.) I gravitate towards oil free products for my skin as I'm very oily and don't want to add too much oil back into it. That being said I also don't want to deprive my skin of moisture, so I try to balance out what I put onto my skin and ALWAYS read the ingredients of the products I'm using. Let's take a look, shall we?

Products Used:
  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - Make up remover
  • Estee Lauder Day Wear Moisturiser
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream
  • Sudocrem
  • Avon Clear Skin Spot Treatment
  • Maylash Eyelash Serum 
As you can see, it's a pretty simple routine. When I take my make up off, I'll use my Micellar Water and then ExfoBrush Face Wash just to be sure no make up is left on the skin. But when I wake up in the morning I'll usually just use a face wipe, any brand I'm not fussy, sometimes I even use baby wipes, and then I go in with the Micellar Water as the only things I'll have on are my moisturisers and what not so I don't feel the needs for full on exfoliation, as I would've done it the night before.

I tend to only use the Eye Cream at night, I find it's quite heavily moisturising, which I think is great, but in the day it tends to make my eyes puff up as they absorb it so I just go with the Day Wear moisturiser instead so my face is less caked in products.

I recently changed my Micellar Water from L'Oreal to the Garnier offering after hearing so many good things about the Garnier one, I just wanted to give it a go and considering you get double the amount in the Garnier compared to the L'oreal for the same price tag, I'm definitely glad I did swap it up because so far the Garnier Micellar Water is working wonders for me.

I use the Avon Spot Treatment every night on any spot or blemishes and come morning the blemishes are gone, (including redness) and the spots are reduced to little blemishes. It takes a maximum of two nights to get rid of any blemishes with this little miracle so I'm really glad I've discovered it and don't think I'll ever change it. I have tried Soap & Glory Dr Spot which again is good, but it takes a little longer for that one to get going on my skin. Being impatient as I am, I'd rather have to only wait 1 or 2 days for a spot to go rather than 3 or 4. Considering the Soap & Glory one is £8.99 and the Avon one is £2.50, it just makes so much sense which one to buy, doesn't it?

I use Sudocrem for any blemishes, cuts, burns etc. It really is a miracle cream. I have cats and sometimes they get a little playful with my hair when I'm lying on the sofa or just generally playing with them and they tend to get their claws out and..well you now what's next - they can sometimes scratch my skin by accident. I find if I have any mishaps of that sort, a bit of Sudocrem heals and soothes them within hours pretty much, I also use it for rashes as I wore a necklace that gave me a weird rash the other day so out came the Sudocrem!

Maylash was recently gifted to me for review. It's an all natural eyelash serum that doesn't contain any chemicals which would irritate the eyes, which other serums apparently do have, and it helps you lashes grow thicker and longer within 6-8 weeks. I've been using this near enough every night for about 4 weeks now and I have to say I've noticed a difference, I've missed out a total of 6 nights during 4 weeks so I'd say I had enough 3-4 weeks to go to see the full effects but I'm still really pleased with it. Full review to comes at the end of the Maylash testing course.

That's my full skin care routine! I hope you've enjoyed seeing this and I hope you have found it helpful/seen some products you may want to give a go! Let me know what you think, leave a comment below!

Alicia x
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