REVIEW // Illamasqua's Precision Gel Liner in Infinity

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Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner in Infinity 5g - £18.50,


So I bought this liner a few months ago after not really hearing much about it, but seeing it on Instagram everywhere, namely Illamasqua's when they promote artists using their products.

It looked very opaque to me and that's what I was looking for as my Maybelline 24hr Gel Liner just wasn't cutting the cake for me and I found it would drag too much on my eyes causing me to make more mistakes than necessary, other than that, with a little bit of work and a light hand the Maybelline one was fine, but I wanted something easy, quick and that got the job done without having to faff around being a perfectionist.

When I bought this I was hoping and praying that it would be good as this little 5g pot has set me back nearly £20 but when it arrived I was a little more optimistic. The Maybelline pot is quite large for an eyeliner but when you actually look properly at the pot you can see there is definitely more container than gel liner present and in actual fact is only a 2.5g product costing you £37 for 10ml, but with the Illamasqua version the pot is full to the brim all the way round with no "thick glass" illusions in sight. So I knew it was kinda of getting my moneys worth where that's concerned as Illamasqua don't skimp on product.

I use my Real TEchniques Silicone Liner brush to apply this and it works a dream. The consistency is super cream and super lightweight yet really really opaque and you can also build it up immediately by going over the lines without any of that separation you can sometimes get with liquid liner. You know, when you draw a liner and then go over it and it wipes away everything you've just done? None of that here.

The staying power is incredible, this often lasts longer than my Double Wear foundation so if I go on a night out and drunkenly forget to wipe my makeup off, in the morning I'll find my makeup has started to wipe away and separate where as my eyeliner will still be perfect. Gross I know but it was a good example of the staying power.

I often get compliments on how my eyeliner looks and questions about how I apply it, well now you know! Easy as that, the Real Techniques brush is so so fine and thin that you can really build up the thickness of the liner and the liner is just so good I really can't fault it.

It's super easy to use and very very good in my opinion and I have definitely found my holy grail gel liner. I used to be a felt pen type eyeliner gal but no more, I am converted to the wonders of gel!

Have you tried this liner? Let me know your thoughts and comments below!

Alicia x
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