The Monday Matter #9

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This week has been a little stressful with work and social life, I've been trying to keep the two separate but it's hard with getting days off with special occassions and things, I hate to mither people but you don't ask you don't get right? But with my mind set on getting the weekend off for my birthday, I sorted it out and got there in the end, still feel a little awkward though!

The Weather With the weather being nice this past week I've been feeling very summery with my makeup and clothes. I've been opting for a more easy looking bronze-y makeup and lots of colour has also been injected. I like to have a little experiment with my make up throughout the seasons and since this season it's all about florals, sun and pastels I've been injecting some colour and some bronze baked colours into my routine!

Car-booty On Easter Sunday me and my family went to a car boot sale in Rhyl and were just browsing around. I spied this beautiful silver plate/tray and I've been looking for one for EVER but when I looked on eBay or Amazon they were all round the £20-£30 mark and I didn't want to pay that much. I bagged this little beauty for £2! I was super pleased. I also bought a little Buddha statue. Go to my Instagram and check out the photo's I've taken!

Return of the Pink I redyed my hair pink, but only the ends. This was a wash in wash out type of deal as I love love love my blonde hair and didn't want to dye it and regret it like the last time I dyed it pink. I am glad to say I love it so am definitely going to put some more pink back in!

That's my week in review, how have your weeks been? My 21st birthday is coming up soon so next week's Monday Matter will give you the low down on that! See you then!!

Alicia x
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