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Hey guys!

So this is part one in a series of three posts about my Soap & Glory purchases recently. I went into Boots the other day and came across the 3 for 2 Soap & Glory deal so this was one of the products I picked up and it cost me £10.

It's a 3 step concealer for blemishes and dark under-eyes. First you use Step 1 to brighten under your eyes and conceal the dark spots, then you use Step 2 to conceal any blemishes or redness you may have and finally you take the powder puff provided (Or any small concealer brush/setting brush) gather up some product from the powder provided, tap off the excess and pat it onto the places you have concealed, this will set the concealer. You can then go over with you normal face powder, blush, bronzer etc and it'll be like you skin has always been so perfect!

I bought this on a whim because my friend had it and I loved the packaging. When I got it home to test I was pleasantly surprised. The consistency is thick enough to cover blemishes and redness but not so thick it will cake over or look really obvious and the setting powder is almost transparent so don't be scared away when you see the white colouration of it! You wont end up looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

The wear of this product isn't amazing but I would give it a strong 3-4 hours in this current heat so I'm sure in the Winter it will be even better! My foundation and BB creams usually do out last it though.

A bad thing or down point that I have noticed about it is it clings to my dry patches. If I have a spot that healing and has a bit of dry skin around it, towards the end of its wear this concealer does cling to my skin and show the dry skin quite obviously. I'm not a dry skinned person by any means, I'm actually quite oily, so I have no idea how this would react on dry skin I'm afraid.

Overall, I am impressed and would give this a 7/10 altogether! I will definitely repurchase. I wish the price was a little more student friendly but hey ho, I can deal with it!

Have you ever tried this concealer? Let me know you thoughts!

Alicia x
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  1. It looks very good !

  2. I really want to try this and have done for a while so I think I will definitely pick this up next time I am in Boots :D Thanks for sharing! :) xo

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