Christmas Will Be Here Shortly...

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"Twas the night before Christmas, when all round the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..."

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you're all having a fab holiday season and stuffing your faces!

Christmas really is a time for family and relaxation and I'm going to dedicate a whole post on how I relax and what I get up to on Christmas Eve!

When I was younger it would be a whole day of going "Oh my god, Christmas day tomorrow!!!!" With my friends and discussing what we thought we had for christmas whilst screaming about what we wanted. Me and my brother would also spend the upcoming days searching high and low in the house for where my parents had hid the presents (usually the wardrobe or the spare room, not very original!)

Now that I'm older and I usually get one main present and money from my family, it's a little less about getting presents and more about just enjoying the day and relaxing, not having to think about work or life in general and just enjoying being completely and utterly oblivious to any and every other "adult" problems I may be facing.

First off I like to take a relaxing bath with candles and the works and just really getting into the mood of Christmas, if you'd like to know what my "pamper night" involves you can read my blog post here.

I sometimes place Christmas songs, but working in a department store and having them songs played over and over on an hourly cycle, I think this year I'm going to steer clear and just play some relaxing music.

After my bath I have a night of Christmas films lined up including The Grinch, Santa Clause, The Muppets: Christmas Carol and a few of The Simpsons Christmas special episode, this is mainly to fill some time as I usually just stay home on Christmas eve. Not a fan of waking up hungover on Christmas Day!

Now we all love a good snack whilst watching films right? My snack of choice this year are Gingerbread Men! I've really become obsessed with gingerbread this year after not eating it for so long I now want gingerbread everything and even went to Costa just get get a Ginger Bread and Cream latte, which was fabulous might I add!

This is pretty much how my Christmas eve will pan out! To be quite honest, I can't wait to just do absolutely nothing! 

What do you do on Christmas Eve to wind down? Or to celebrate? Let me know! :)

Happy holidays!

Alicia x
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