The Annual New Years Post.

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Ah, another year has come and gone leaving a behind a trail of memories I'm sure to remember for the rest of my life. For me 2013 wasn't the best of years and I'm pretty glad to see the back of it!

I'm sure we're all now saying "In 2014 I'll lose weight, be healthier, more organised and a better me!" Come this time in 2014 we'll be making the same resolutions for 2015, to put it simply we will do what we do every year and do it wrong,again...but hey, life's a lesson, right?

This year I am truly going to be motivated and organised with everything I do and take more responsibility for myself as an adult (I'm turning 21 this year!) and I'm definitely going to try and grow as an individual and become more independant than I already am!

2014 To Do List:
  • Learn to drive - this has topped my to do list for ages but I always want to spend my money on other things but this year I will do it!!
  • Train to be a make up artist - this is what I really want to do and at the moment I'm pretty much a novice! So I want to go onto a course or to a college where I can further my skills and become certified and professional.
  • Save up -  As soon as I get money, it's gone and 'm awful at saving so I'm going to go on a spending ban and only spend money on either back ups of my staple products/driving lessons and essentials.
  • Move out - Me, my boyfriend and one of our friends have been entertaining the idea of getting a flat and now we've decided we will do it at the end of 2014! I'm super excited to move out and have my own space and become fully independant and I keep scrolling through Ikea & Right Move websites to get inspiration and to see the houses available. I'm so excited to decorate a little space how I want it and to get a little house kitty, it'll be so cute!
2014 Resolutions
  • Don't waste money on items that are not essential.
  • Become more independent
  • Think before I act.
  • Make more time for friends
  • Become more organised & work hard.
So that's basically it as for as New Years goes! This is basically everything I want to achieve and what I will hope to get done by this time next year. I hope I can look back on this post and feel proud of myself for achieving everything and I definitely can't wait to see what the new year will bring!

What're your resolutions? Let me know!

Alicia x
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