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I found this  on YouTube n thought I'd give it a go on my blog,  I want to start doing more tags because I think they're fun snd this one made me laugh so here you go!

Favourite Starbucks drink
I love the Gingerbread latte but so sad that it's only there at Xmas :(

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Probably about an hour if I'm taking my time which I really like to do. If I'm in a rush then probably 30 minutes but I always look a scruff when I do that haha.

How many selfies do you take on a daily basis?
If I don't have make up on 0, if I do then 10+ ish depending in whether I like my make up or not.

How many IG followers and pictures do you have?
I have 1019 pictures and 469 followers

Do you ever say LOL or OMG out loud?
No, well not unless I'm taking the mick. I might say omg once or twice but I'd never say LOL seriously out loud in real life.

Are you rascist?
No...why are most common white girls racist?! :S that's such a bizarre question!

How many tweets do you have?
On my blog twitter I have 2K+ and on my normal twitter I have 14K+

Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr?
Instagram is probably my favourite right now but twitter comes close second!

What do you soend most of your time doing?
Watching YouTube videos, working, playing with make up, stroking my cats/dog, annoying my boyfriend, lying in bed, drinking tea. Being a girl.

Who are your favourite bloggers/YouTubers?
I have A LOT. Here goes :
YouTubers - Jaclyn Hill, Nicole Guerriero, PewDiePie, CutiePieMarzia, Gigi Gorgeous, Pixi Woo, MakeupByAlli, Nikki tutorials, Itsjudytime, LeighannSays, Beauty Crush, Jenna Marbles, icovetthee, EssieButton, Carli Bybel, Casey Holmes, Lauren Curtis/Laurenbeautyyy, RhaeaEstelle, Satnightsalrite/Karissa Pukas, Grav3yardgirl and so many more!

Bloggers - ViviannaDoesMakeup, Liana Beauty, Georgia Cutts/GRGCTTS, Couture Girl/Katleigh, MissMakeupMagpie/Gemme, Today I Adore/Latasha, Alice Alily and I'm sure there's more but I mainly watch YouTube to be honest!

How often do you paint your nails?
I never have then unpainted! Haha. Usually once a week.

Are you a shopaholic? 
YES. I cannot save money for the life of me. I'm so poor until pay day and I'm already planning what to spend money on! 

How many times have you watched mean girls?
30+, the limit does not exist.

Do you own a lot of clothes?
I would say no but my boyfriend would say otherwise, my wardrobe is overflowing but I HAVE MOTHING TO WEAR. 

Do you take pictures if your food before you eat it?
No? I didn't realise that was a thing...

Do you wear make up everyday ?
Most days but not everyday, ain't got time do dat!

What are your average grades?
Fairly average I guess? Probably B/C grades would be my average.

How do you usually style you hair? 
I usually just straighten it and leave it down.

Do you always look presentable?
Nope! I try to look presentable when I leave the house but if I'm not doing anything I just laze around in my pjs which my hair thrown up in a bun! 

Alicia x 

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