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1) Favourite Candle Scent

My favourite candke scent definitely has to be vanilla or anything with vanilla in it! 

2) Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate? 
Definitely tea, tea all the time. All day everyday.

3) What's The Best Fall Memory You Have?
I dont really know if im honest but I remember things because they mean a lot to me not because of the season but I suppose Christmas is always a brilliant time of year!  

4) Which Make Up Trend Do You Prefer:  Dark Lips or Winged Liner? 
Well since I wear liner everyday I'd say dark lip as I can get away with winged liner all year but dont really think I could get away with a dark lip all year round!

5) What Do You Want To Be For Halloween?
Since halloweens gone this is a bit pointless but I was zombie/Alice in Wonderland.

6) Favourite Thanksgiving Food?
I live in the UK so we don't have thanksgiving but I do like a good roast turkey dinner!

7) Hats Or Scarves?
I don't wear either but I have a nice beanie hat that I occasionally wear so I'll say hat.

8) Most Worn Sweater? 
My loose knit oversized jumper from Topshop. The knit is so loose you can't really call it a jumper because it doesn't really keep you that warm but I love it! 

9) Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
Barry M gelly hi-shine nail paint in Blood Orange. Such a classy and sultry colour I'm actually in love.

10)  Football Games Or Jumping In Leaf Piles? 
I'm not a football fan at all really so leaf jumping I suppose! 

11) Combat Boots Or Uggs?
Combat boots, I really can't stand Uggs! 

12) Skinny Jeans Or Leggings?
Jeans are very hit and miss. Find a good pair amd I'll wear them to desth but I'll never find a pair like them again for years where as leggings are always comfy. I'll say a good pair of skinnies but otherwise a thick pair of leggings,  so they're not see through!  

13) Favourite Thing About Fall?
Definitely christmas and the make up. Love me a good smokey eye and a dark lip!

I TAG EVERYONE! send me your responses if you do this tag :)

Alicia x
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