My Top 10 Favourite Blogs/Vlogs of 2013


2013 - The year of the blog.

2013 really has been a blogful year for me, my blog definitely took off this year gaining 100 new followers and I actually consider it more than a hobby, I sometime even buy make up thinking "I could incorporate this into a season/holiday inspired look!" or "This will make a great post on my blog" So it has definitely become a huge part of my life and the people I've met through it I am glad to have gotten to know!

A lot of YouTubers have inspired me along the way with their various Vlogs and Tutorials and I love to just grab my tablet and a cup of tea on a sunday morning or even before I set off to work, and just scrolling through Bloglovin' seeing what posts I've missed from my favourite blogs.

Without Further ado I will now list my favourites!


* Leanne Woodful -  THUNDER & THREADS

*Latasha -  Today I Adore

*Lauren & Claire - Stylingo

*Victoria - In The Frow

*Em Sheldon - EmTalks

*Beth - Birds Words

* Georgia Cutts - GRGCTTS

*Kayleigh Johnson - x-couturegirl-x

*Amy Valentine - Amy Valentine

*Nuala - Dolled Up London


*Karissa Pukas - SatNightsAlrite

*Marzia - CutiePieMarzia

*Carli Bybel - The Beauty Bybel

*Leighann - LeighannSays

*Nicole Guerriero - NGuerriero19

*Gregory Gorgeous - GigiGorgeous

*Lauren Curtis - Laurenbeautyyyy

*Casey Holmes - Casey Holmes

*Sammi Maria - Beauty Crush

*Nikki - Nikki Tutorials

There we go! Those are my top 10 Blogs/Vlogs of 2013 that have really inspired me and made me appreciate the beauty community on the internet as much as I do! 

There are a LOT more blogs and vlogs that I watch and also love but these are the ones that for short periods of time throughout the year I had small obsessions with and would read/watch day in day out.

Hope you enjoyed this post! What're you favourite blogs/vlogs?

(I apologise for the time stap/phone bar at the top of each picture, I did remove them on my phone but they reappeared on uploading :( sorry!)

Alicia x
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  1. Blogging's a big part of my life too, but I love it! And you've named some of my favourite blogs too, they're all such inspiring girls <3

    1. Definitely more than a hobby for me now! Defnitely are, they motivate me so much :) xxx

  2. Some really lovely blogs there, at least three of those are on my favourite lists x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Ahh, glad to hear we share the same blogger interests! haha :D xxx


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