REVIEW: Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment Concealer

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During these winter months the black circles under my eyes seem to get extra noticeable so I need a concealer I know I can rely on and that will hide them quickly and do it well, without the dreader settling into lines or creasing up!

My favourite undereye concealer through and through will always be MAC Pro Longwear in NC15 but when money's a little tight I like to use it sparingly to savour it and avoid buying another one and so I have opted to hunt for other concealers, namely from the drugstore.

Soap & Glory have this to offer that states it's a "Trick & Treatment" concealer, meaning it hides undereye dark circles whilst also brightening the undereye area.

I tend to use it over the top of my Maybelline The Eraser Eye concealer as together they tick all the boxes for me where covering my dark circles & brightening/highlighting is concerned, whilst not creasing under my eyes.

I really have no complaints with this concealer and I really do think it's worth the money. My only complaint IF I had to have one, is that own it does tend to be a bit thin/sheer, but it does do what it says on the tin and if it was too thick I reckon it'd probably crease up, so can see why Soap & Glory have made it the consistency that it is. As for wear I get about 5/6 hours from it which isn't too bad but definitely not as long as my Pro Longwear one but still, pretty good for a drugstore alternative!

I'm still on the hunt for some good quality drugstore concealers (Other than the Collection one because I don't like it!) So if you know of any then leave me a comment below! :)

Alicia x
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