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Hey guys!

So the guys at Hask Hair were kind enough to sent me this little gift after I'd reviewed one of their products, they didn't send me it for review purposes they sent it as a gift, how sweet! They haven't requested I review it or offered me money to do so, this is not a sponsored post, this is my genuine and honest thoughts and feelings, as always!

Anyway, I'm not sure how much all this would cost, the little tubes of hair oil are £2.50 in Primark so on their own they would cost £22.50 without including the hair masks which is pretty decent considering I was gifted them!

Included in the box are 3 Argan Oil tubes, 3 Macadamia Oil tubes, 3 Natural Essential Oil tubes and then the same in hair mask form but you only get 2 of each mask.

Moving on these products are extremely beneficial for the hair which is why I am reviewing them on my blog! When my hair is feeling particularly straw like I put a coin sized amount of one of the oils in my hands, rub it together and evenly put it through the ends - mid lengths of my hair avoiding my roots, as they have enough oils from the scalp.

This really help my hair stay healthy and strong to avoid split ends. As you probably know, once an end has split, it can;t be repaired, it needs chopping off! So anything to help avoid this happening is a big fat yes in my books!

You can also apply the oils after towel drying or naturally drying you hair (but your hair needs to be damp) to aid styling and prevent damage through heat.

The hair masks you can see here are very deep and intensive hair repair masks which I think is the best kind of hair mask! I love any mask that is going to deeply repair my hair and give it a good conditioning to help it return to its naturally, shiny and healthy self because hair that is lacking shine and is looking frazzled just isn't nice to touch or attractive to the eye really is it? I always try and keep my hair in as good a condition as i can because personally if my hair looks good, i feel better about myself. Just like if you do your make up nice, and wear nice new clothes, you feel happy about yourself and better on the inside. So it's definitely worth the 5 minutes it takes to do these extra steps!

What do you think of Hask Hair products? Have you tried any of these? Let me know!

*I received these products as a thank you for writing a (non sponsored) review of Hask Products in the past, I was not asked to write this review, please read my Disclaimer in the sidebar for more details.

Alicia x
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