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Hey guys!

So this is my "This or That?" tag and I got it from the lovely Kirstie over at ayellowbrickblog.blogspot.co.uk. Hope you enjoy it!

Make up

1. Blush or Bronzer? This is a tough one cause I wear both! If you would have asked me a few months ago it would be hand down BLUSH every whereeeee but now i'm thinking more bronzer! I love my contours.

2. Lipgloss or Lipstick? Lipstick, no contest, some lipsticks are creamy enough to be passed off as glosses, plus I hate when my hair gets stuck to gloss, ewwwwy.

3. Eyeliner or Mascara? Mascara! I find my eyes look completely bare without mascara, nothing completes and eye look off as well as mascara does!

4. Foundation or Concealer? Foundation. I may not because to conceal it but at least I can cover it. Im a full coverage girl definitely so just having concealer wouldn't work for me!

5. Neutral or coloured eyeshadow? Neutral colours, they're so much easier to work with and never fails too look so sophisticated!

6. Pressed or loose eyeshadows? Definitely pressed, I;m the worlds clumsiest person...

7. Brushes or sponges? Brushes! I love my brushes to the end of the world and back, so sad but they're amazing.


8. OPI or Nails Inc? I don't own either in colour form...I own the Nails Inc Caviar top+base coat but I dont think they show the actual staying power etc of an actual polish so I can't really comment! So moving on...

9. Long or Short? Long! they just look nicer.

10. Acrylic or natural? Natural. I had acrylics and I loveeeeed them, but the price and the after affects ruined my nails :( My nails grow pretty fast and strong so =I can deal without acrylics!

11. Darks or Brights? Brights! Barry M do an amazing range! Summer is definitely time for bright nails!

12. Flower or no flower? I'd love a flower on my nails! I don't usually put one on though...


13. Jeans or sweatpants? Jeanss, I could never go out in sweats. Dont' know why I just couldnt.

14. Long sleeve or short? short sleeved. Don't get me wrong I love long sleeved things but it's sometimes too stuffy to wear that sort of clothing.

15. Dresses or skirts? Skirts I love mixing and matching different tops and skirts, means I don't have to buy as many clothes as well as there's endless opportuinities

16. Stripes or plain? Plain, stripes do me no justice!

17. Flip flops or sandals? Sandles, cna't be doing with all the flipping and flopping.

18. Scarves or hats? Hats, I've never been a scarf wearer really but I own a few beanies and a bowler hat!

19. Studs or dangly earrings? Dangley, love me some hoops! #chav

20. Denim or Leather? Leather! I don't know why I just prefer it.

21. Heels or flats? Flats, i love heels don't get me wrong, I'm 5 ft 2 I need a bit of height. But only on occasion! So flats it is. 

22. Cowboy or riding boots? I don't own either! Nor would I want to!

23. Jacket or hoodie? Jacket, I love having a choice of zip up or down!

24. Topshop or River Island?  At the moment, River island because of the Rihanna collection but it would usually be Topshop!


25. Curly or Straight? I'm an inbetweener on this I like it wavy but over all i'd say straight as it's just easier to manage. 

26. Bun or ponytail?  Bun, love me a top knot! 

27. Bobby pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby pins, they're just so easy to use! And equally easy to lose...

28. Hair spray or Gel? Spray, gel is too heavy for me! Plus you can brush most hair sprays out easily...gel i'm not so sure! 

21. Long or Short? My hair has been short for about 4 years now and as much as I've grown (pun not intended hehe) to love it. I'll forever miss my long hair. So, long. 

30. Light or dark? Light, light, light!!! I LOVE having blonde hair literally the best thing ever.

31. Side sweep bangs or full bangs (bangs = fringe)? Side fringe/sweep bangs. Just because they're easier to manage!

32. Up or down? Down, love my hair down, I feel bald with it up! 


33. Rain or Shine? Sine, although a bit of rain once in a while is fab!

34. Summer or Winter? Summer, if it ever happens in Britain!

35. Fall Or Spring? Autumn (fall), it's just the right temperature and it's pretty!

36. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla! YUM

37. Shower or Bath? Bath bath bath bath bath. So relaxing. Even though at the end of my baths I usually turn the shower on to rinse myself but oh well...

38. Comedy or Horror? Comedy! Funny stuff.

39. Lotion or body butter? Body butter, lotion is like water, too drippy!

40. Body wash or soap? Body wash, soap is too fiddly!

So that was my "this or that: beauty blogger edit" tag! How did you find it? Have you done this tag? Let me know! 

Alicia x
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