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Hey guys!

Today I'm reviewing on of my favourite lipsticks! It is a MAC Cosmetics lipstick and it's from their Cream Sheen range. It's called Pink Pearl Pop, £15 in any MAC counter/store.

This lipstick is extremely sheer and of a similar consistency to Revlon Lip Butters but unlike the Lip Butters it has a few hours longer wear. Where the Lip butters last 4/5 hours this one will last 6 at the most staying pigmented and shiny throughout. However, you can layer this up to become opaque.

Upon application your lips need to be baby soft to get the best wear and look out of this lipstick, if you have dry skin or little flaps of skin sticking out on your lips, this cream sheen will draw attention to them by putting more product on to the driest parts. It is of quite a creamy consistency but not overly creamy so this is why the lipstick is so sheer, a few coats and it will look as though it's a solid colour lip stick rather than sheer. I think this is a good working point for the lipstick personally as I usually wear it during the day when I'm just going for a casual look and then load it onto my lips at night if I want a fuller more pigmented lip colour.

It is a perfect bright pink colour not for girls who dislike the sort of "Barbie" shade lipstick as this would fit right into that category but it would be good for girls who are trying out new pink shades but are unsure of going too bright as, like i said before, it does go onto the lips quite sheer the first time around so you can build it up and up and up for the pink tone to become brighter and brighter to more of an actual lipstick look rather than a lip butter look which is what it initially gives out.

This lip colour was my first MAC purchase! Random, I know because people usually go for Ruby Woo or Rebel or Candy Yum Yum but for some reason it just really stood out to me, Candy Yum Yum and Rebel are next on my list though!!

What do you think of this lipstick? Have you tried it? Will you? Let me know!

Alicia x
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(I am, obviously, speaking for myself and my skin when I post so results may vary on your skin but my reviews are always 100%  honest!)
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  1. Seems to be a good lipstick !

  2. This is such a gorgeous shade. Don't stress about it being your first MAC lipstick - my first pick was viva glam nicki, a neon pink!! It looks beautiful on you and I really love the colour xx


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