Face of the day #4: The "no make-up" make up look!

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Hey guys!

So this is my 4th Face Of The Day post and I just thought I would add a kind of make up tutorial in with it because I just felt like doing something different with my blog posts! I'm always trying to change up the content and keep things fresh so as much as I love making lists and planning I also try and be sporadic about my posting and try to make the content spontaneous to try and keep you interested! Anyway ramling aside here are the products i've used.

Face Products: 


1. I started out with L'oreal Lumi Magique Base Pure Light Primer to give my face a bit of a glow as I wouldn't be highlighting or using foundation  do I wouldn't have much glow or brightness to my face otherwise. This primer is probably my favourite as it goes with all foundations and acts as a subtle highlighter too, its gives you that glowing skin look. 
2. I then put Miss Sporty Liquid concealer on any areas that were dark such as my eyes and my lids, my chin and also any blemishes and due to the fact I wasn't wearing foundation I didn't want all my imperfections on show.
3. Afterwards I went in with MUA Pressed Powder in shade 1 just to give my skin a more matte finish and to set the primer and concealer to stop it from moving or being greasy/shiny.


4. After setting my base I used Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing powder to give my cheek bones a very slight definition and colour, I didn't use too much as I wanted the look to be effortless and look as though I'd spent about 2 seconds on it. I put the from the top of my cheek bones down and to the corner of my lip getting right under the bone of the cheek. This gives my face a more slim look and also defines it to give the look of prominent cheek bones.

Eyes and Brows:

5. On my eyes I didn't use any eyeshadow I just used Benefit's They're Real! mascara on my lashes because this mascara is unreaaaaal! I've reviewed it >here< if you would like to give that a read. I always spend a while doing my eyelashes no matter what because my eyes are quite small naturally so defining the lashes really makes my eyes stand out and anything to make them look bigger or appear more appealing is great for me.
6. After I've done my eyes I start on my brows, I use Rimmel's Brow Pencil to shape my brows, this pencil is in shade Hazel and I also use it to outline my brows and then I fill the in with my MUA Pro-Brow Palette. I did this very lightly today to give more of a natural look as a strong brow would proabbly go well with a night out type of look where as i wanted this look to be very toned down.

7. These are the brushes I used for this look. I used the Buffinf Brush by REal Techniques (the yellow handled one) for everything from buffing in my concealer to the bronzer and I used the Stippling Brush by Real Techniques to make everything seamless so there was no harsh lines on my faces. The MUA Pro-Brow comes with it's own brushes which is how I did my eyebrows.

The Finished Look.

So this was my finished look! I hope you have liked reading this post and let me know what you guys think of it! 

Alicia x
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