Room Tour: Including make up storage! *Picture Heavy Post*

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Hey guys!

As you can see my wardrobe is very full, I have so many clothes but nothing to wear. It's a girl thing right? So much stuff in the wardrobe that nothing else fits yet when it comes to a night out we throw a strop and shout "Right I'm going out naked then!!!" because we "hate" all our clothes. I'm sure you know the feeling all too well! My wardrobe goes in order (yes, in order...) of dresses, skirts, playsuits, tshirts, peplum, croptops, shirts, blazers, jumpers, trousers and then shorts. My PJ's and shoes go on the bottom of the wardrobe which is what you can see there!

This is my bed, the pillows are all from Primark and the bedding is nothing special but it's from ASDA. This is wear I do my blogging as I find it the cosiest part of the house and it's just my "space" really where I can chill out and not be hassled by pets and younger siblings!

Ok so this is my bed side drawers (I actually just had to consult Google if it was spelled drawers or draws...oh my god.) I haven't opened them because the middle and bottom are underwear drawers and the top is just things I may need at night and sweets so nothing to interesting in there!

On top of my drawers is a heavenly place for me. My candles are my life I have two candles from TK MAXX and one Jelly Belly candle that was £4 from Topshop in the Very Cherry flavour, I need to stock up because mine are all running low! Ahhhh!! But yeah I have my make up brushes on this little table as well and they're kept in a witches cauldron type pot that I think is amazingly cute, I got this from TK MAXX a while back. At the same time I bought that I also bought this little dish type thing that I keep my everyday/regular jewellery pieces in, some bobbles and my Carmex Cherry for easy access to it at night! Next to this plate is a little glass tray which holds clips and bobby pins/kirby grips. I've no idea where this is from, my mum has had it for years and I thought it was amazing so I "borrowed" from her! the lighters are for the candles...I don't smoke :)

This table is a mish mash of things, I mainly use it for things that don't fit on my vanity table or my PlayStation. I also keep my straighteners on here just so they're out of the way. I've no idea why Yoda and R2D2 are there but they're cute!

This is my vanity, it's an organised mess. I know where everything is but to an outsider it just looks as though I've thrown everything onto a table. All my regular bath/hair products are in the little basket and my most used lip products and nail products are in the little box. My everyday make up is is the orange Beverly Hills Polo Club make up bag which was £4 from TK MAXX! I switch up the make up used in this bag and use my little £1.50 Primark make up bag seen in my What's In My  post. I keep the make up I don't use often in a little suitcase under this table but it was too much hassle to move it all out to get a picture!

This isn't really beauty or fashion related it's just my shelf but I think its super cute! I keep candles on the top, there's some unmixed hair bleach up their for when I touch my roots up, perfume and Baby Shampoo used for cleaning my make up brushes. I also keep necklaces on the corners and my Mark Jacobs perfumes on there just because it looks nice and organised and girly!


Ok so this is a picture heavy post, and I've been wanting to show everyone my room for a while but I've actually only just got around to clearing it out and making it presentable. I threw out so much stuff and I still feel my room is very cluttered so I'm considering other options for storage but for now, this is my room!

Alicia x
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