REVIEW: Maybelline Color 24hr Tattoo by Eye Studio in On and On Bronze


Hey guys!

This is a product that's quite hyped in the beauty blogger & vlogger communities. So obviously, being a lovely of neutrals I had to go out and buy it!

I bought the colour On & On Bronze as it is a perfect base for neutral shades which I gravitate towards very often when doing my make up looks. The function of this cream shadow is to stay put for "24hr" hopefully no ones tested this on their eyes...and hopefully it's just an advertising gag to promote a long wearing shadow as it is very long wearing!

I use this cream shadow as a base or on it's own as it can be used for either and to create many different looks. This cream shadow is possibly one of my favourite things this month so keep posted! I love the colour pay off as it's very pigmented and long wearing and I'll definitely repurchase!

Have you tried this cream shadow? Let me know!

(*this is a scheduled post, I'm actually at work right now!Fab-u-lous.)

Alicia x
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  1. I love this eye cream - I use it as a base and pop MAC woodwinked on top :D

    SLS xx


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