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Hey guys!

So this is my favourites for the month of May! May hasn't been the best month I've been quite poor so not many make up purchases have been made but needless to say I am trying to get out of my work-less rut and firmly jumping on the "lets get some money" bang wagon! Ok so i'll just go through my favourites picture by picture!

Face Products:

MaxFactor FaceFinity: I recently was using the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in 130 Shell and that just completely broke me out like no joke. I wanted to love it so much because Revlon is possibly one of my favourite high street brands and definitely a go to brand for me and to find a product that just really didn't settle with my skin broke my heart. This MaxFactor foundation however is now my definite high street go to, it blends, it's build-able and i LOVE it. I use it every day and I haven't broken out in over a week (hurray!) Seriously though, love it for my combination skin.

Benefit They're Real! Mascara: I got this little gem as a freebie in ELLE Magazine and as soon as I saw it i literally pounced on it and wouldn't let it out of my sight. In my local Boots and Debenhams this baby costs £9.50. I cried when I saw that because I hate spending money on things that I have no idea how they're going to turn out on my skin. I know reviews can help but really, only you know whats right for your skin so yeah, try before I buy is my motto. So yeah when I saw this was £4 I was like MY GODDDD and I bought it straight away, I am SO glad I did. I have done a review on this mascara if you would like to see the results, you can read it >here.< No word of a lie, best mascara ever and even better when paired with my other favourites Rimmel Day2Night/Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless. My lashes just look fab with these two/three mascaras. That's another thing I'm a fiend for mixing mascara's I should just use one but I can't, so yeah.

MUA Face Powder in shade 1: So I'm always on the hunt for a new powder. I love love love Rimmel's Stay Matte powder but I just hate that one slight knock and it crumbles into a thousand pieces, like what am I supposed to do now? I just bought this, its crumbled and now they want me to go and buy a new one? Yeah not happening. So I replaced it with this £1(!!!!!!!) powder from MUA which is basically the same colour as Rimmel's Stay Matte in Translucant. The powder gives a matte coverage and stays put all day, it doesn't cling or go cakey which is what I love but come on it was £1 I can't complain! Not that I even need to!

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub: Every woman and their dog, their mum's dog and their dog's mum own this lip scrub whether it be in popcorn, bubblegum or mint. Personally I don't like the taste of mint or the smell of bubblegum. Call me crazy, whatever, I am a popcorn queen. So I bought this because my lips were chapped and needed exfoliating and moisturising and I also found out this was edible, can I get a OMG YUM?! Yes you can eat this. Also, I love how Lush put who, when and where the product was made by on the underneath of their products. How cutttttteeeeee. Oh and another thing, I'm pro-animal life. No dead animals/animal abuse in my products where I can help it thank you. It works wonders on my lips and you can read my review >here.<

Rimmel Kate Moss in 04 and 101 and Topshop's All About Me: These are the lipsticks I've used the most this month I have featured them in my Top 10 post which you can read >here.< They are such lovely colours and really pigmented. They suit every skin tone and they last foreverrrr. They're also really affordable!

Carmex Cherry Lip Treatment: This smells divinnneeeee. I had supeeerrr chapped lips for the first time in my life, yes, i've never had chapped lips before this one time and I applied it constantly for about two days and my chapped lips were completely hydrated and lovely. This is definitely my go to lip balm when I'm in need. Love it and the smell is to die for!

Hair Products

TRESemme Instant Refresh Radiance Dry Shampoo: After a review of the TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo which you can see >here.< I was tweeted by TRESemme telling me to try the Radiance Dry Shampoo so I decided to put it on my "to-buy" list. However when I went back to my uni flat to pick a few things up I found I'd already bought it! This dry shampoo leaves no white dust on your hair and leaves it feeling just washed it's a definite must for me to have around my house of in my handbag!

Hask Macadamia Oil Leav In Treatment: I blogged about this in my "How to keep bleached hair healthy" post which you can see >here.< It really works wonders on my hair and I really love to have something this size in my bag, as I've recently bleached my hair so you can never have to many nourishing oils! You can put it in your hair after you've just showered and then continue to style for a flawless no fly away's look or you can apply small amounts during the day when your hair is dry to help prevent split ends and to keep hair soft and smooth and mainly, healthy. These products really are some of my favourites and I will continue to purchase them for as long as I can find them in shops in the UK or online because they are just that good and super super inexpensive.

Primark's Opia Back Combing Brush: I recently went on a night out in Liverpool with my uni friends and saw that this brush was being neglected in my brush little pot. So I picked it up and started to tease my hair with it. After words I embodied everything you can or would call "Scouse" my hair was super big but didn't look like a bird's nest and it was just fab. I love the "Scouse Girl" look i think they're so glamorous and fantastic and if I could look even slightly like that then I would be happy and this brush got me half way there with the hair (I still need to perfect my back combing skills.) If you are a master with back combing but don't yet own a back combing brush then this little thing is definitely for you and at £1.50 you can't go wrong. It's also pink, omg.

Vintage Soy Based Tranquility Candle: So I have a bit of a thing for candles and when I saw this gigantic candle for only £5.99 in TK MAXX I couldn't walk away without it, It's super big and has around 60+ hours of burning power according to the label. I've had it for around 6 weeks now and I'm not even half way through. This is by far one of my favourite candles and I really need to go back to TK MAXX and stock up on candles this size for when I leave Liverpool for the summer, I don't want to run out!

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nail Strengthener and Nails Inc. Base and Top coats: If you're a regular reader of this blog then you will have noticed that my NOTD posts have increased by 100% recently, you can thank these babies! I've never had nails looking as fresh and as strong since I've been using these products and I can definitely agree with Barry M when they say "apply a base coat" before I found the Nails Inc. duo i was like come onnnn it wont even make a difference but it does, it definitely does. You can find these in Boots for quite cheap!

Ok so they were my May favourites please link me to yours and follow my blog (on all handles!) Tell me what you think of my post :) What're your favourites this month?

Alicia x
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  1. Been dying to try this popcorn lip scrub!

    Be great if you could check out my latest bodysuit outfit posts and let me know which your favourite is: The Neon Bodysuit or The Tiger Bodysuit?

    Thanks! Charlie xx

    UK Fashion & Style Blog | Lurch Hound Loves

    1. It's amazing you really should try it :) ok will do thanks love xxx

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