FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light


Hey guys!

This is just a first impressions post as I haven't been posting as frequently these past few days, mainly because I'm poor so I can't really buy new things to test and show! Not to worry though, I have a few products in the pipeline and a few post ideas to plan up!

I've been very late to the BB cream craze and everyone seems to be raving the Dior BB cream and amongst the high street creams this seems to be raved about amongst the blogger community! I bought this and the Nivea BB cream but even in the shade "Light/Fair" the Nivea cream was way too dark for me and turned me orange, I haven't finished testing that one out as of yet though so I'll keep you posted!

This cream is in the shade "Light" and it suits my skin tone perfectly and it is, obviously, very sheer coverage. I bought it as my foundation range is missing a BB cream which suits my skin tone and being oily in skin conditions foundation doesn't last well during the hotter months, if they ever come around in Britain.

This foundation on first impressions is great on my skin, it doesn't make me break out, it lasts around 4/5 hours which isn't amazing but again, I am oily. It does say apply straight onto the skin with or without moisturiser but I use a primer as well just to get as long as I can in terms of wear. If i wear it with moisturiser and primer it lasts about 5/6 hours which for me is fine as I have to touch up usually with foundation anyway due to my skin so to have 5/6 hours without touching up if brilliant for me, dry skinned people would probably get more wear out of it.

So these are my first impressions and I will do a follow up post when I've tested it further! I've also recently bought the "Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Make-Up Setting Spray" so here's hoping this will make my make up last even longer!!

Have you tried this BB Cream? What do you think of it? Let me know!

Alicia x
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  1. I've only just jumped on the BB bandwagon too :) this one sounds great!
    emmerliejay x

    1. It really is, so far! I'm hoping it not just a "honeymoon" phase where my skin loves the change and then gets fed up of it! haha xxx

  2. Nice post ! :)


  3. Hey, I love your blog great work! Please come and have a look at mine, if you decide to follow me I’ll follow you back :) XxX

  4. I was using this last summer and really liked it, I've recently bought their new 'dream pure' version which is for oily skin and I'm finding that even better :) I deffo find it applies and lasts better if I use primer and moisturiser with it and a setting spray on top.
    There are so many bb creams that I want to try which are too dark for my skin it's so frustrating!! I've just started trying the miss sporty one which I thought would be rubbish but it's actually pretty good and is a perfect colour match :)
    Love Holly x //


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