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Hey guys!

So I've been meaning to do this post for a while and when the opportunity arose to be entered into a competition, to win a Mulberry Bayswater bag, or a £25 ASOS voucher (which will be awarded to 6 runners up courtesy of http://www.FashionPerks.co.uk ) if I did this post. There was my perfect motivation! As you can see from my bag, I'm a Mulberry wannabe - want one but can't afford one! Mine is a Mulberry Alexa - very vague - lookalike and it was only £7 from Ebay.

So here you can see what's in my bag and it's basically stuff that I carry around with me when I'm going to be out for a while, usually I'd have a bottle of water in there and my phone but since i'd just got back in I'd took the water out and used my phone to take the pictures, I will add the total of each thing on at the end of each bullet point and add it up together at the end. I will add the price of my phone on it as well, I'll do a with and without the phone price tag. (I have an iPhone 5 that I bought myself...eeeek!) But yeah moving on!

  • A Diary, a pen and a notebook - I have these in my bag just for organising dates or events, appointments to to make lists when I'm out. There's nothing worse than having to write something down and not having pen or paper - especially if my phone has ran out of battery! (£11)
  • Hand bag Hairspray - Usually for hot days when my hair decides to starts going all weird! I usually have some dry shampoo as well but my handbag one has ran out! (£2.99)
  • My keys - These are actually my flat keys for uni, not my house keys! But they were in my bag anyway and they're cute! They have a mini Harry Styles and a Moomin on them, awww! (Keyrings - £10)
  • Make up case -  This carries the make up that I'm wearing one any particiluar day, today it was primer, foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner, MUA Pro-Brow for my brows, Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake. I also had Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 101 in case I had a change of heart on the lipstick front! I switch up my make up depending on my mood and the weather so today, this is what I was feeling! (£53)
  • A small compact mirror - for obvious reasons, in case I have to touch up my make up or lipstick/check my face when I'm out and about! (£4)
  • Carmex Lipgloss - As everyone knows, some lipsticks dry your lips out so I bring this in case my lips feel a bit dry. (£3.99)
  • Chanel powder brush - just because it's Chanel really!! I use it in case my face gets oily just to swipe over some powder to mattify my skin. (£12 with compact)
  • My iPod and headphone - Again, this is obvious! For when I'm on public transport or just walking around the town, I use this to keep me occupied/not looking like a weirdo on my own haha! (£105)
  • My Purse - no explaination needed, but it's from Primark. (£2.50)
  • Extra Gum - To freshen up after meals! (60p)
  • Sunglasses - ha! I should be so lucky! English/British summers have a baaaaad reputation but I love these sunnies and I'm optimistic that the summer may be ok! (£1.50)
  • A  tiny hair brush - I bought this for nights out to fit in my clutch but it's a good size for my hand bag too, if it's windy my hair tends to get super knotty so I like to use this to help me tie it back before that happens! I hate brushing my hair when its super knotty, the sound of hair breaking makes me weep. (£2)

So all together the total without my iPhone is £215.58! That insane!!!
With my iPhone the total would be a ridiculous £595.58 as my phone cost me £380 from eBay brand new which for an iPhone 5 was a steal as they're supposed to be £530!

This was my What's In My Bag tag! Have you done this tag? Let me know!!

Alicia x
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  1. Your bag is gorgeous, i honestly thought it was an Alexa when I saw it!
    Love your mini Harry too!


    1. Thanks! Haha really? It's very flimsy but it's lasted a while! Little Harry is my favourite <3 xxx


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