TUTORIAL: Soft lips!

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Hey guys!

This is just a super superrr quick tutorial post on how I get my lips feeling soft and prep them for wearing lipstick!

I start off my lip routine usually at night so I wipe all my make up off with a baby wipe and then I use my skin care goodies to clean my face deeper. Then as I'm exfoliating I use my face wash, with micro beads in it (not pictured) to exfoliate my lips also. I then wash everything off and pat my face and lips dry.

After this I use Lush's Popcorn Lip scrub, you can read my full review >here.< I push this onto my lips in circular motions first I go clock wise for 30 seconds, then I go anti-clockwise for 30 seconds. I then lick off the excess and brush my teeth. Also using the brush, in circular motions to exfoliate (gently) once again.

The next and final step to this super easy tutorial is to apply your favourite lip balm or butter. My personal favourite is Carmex lip treatment in cherry Flavour and I leave this on over night. 

In the morning when you wake up your lips will be super soft! I do this 2/3 times a week and especially if I'm going on a night on the next night. I tend to apply the lip balm all throughout the day as well just to be extra soft and smooth in the lip department!

I hope this post was short and sweet but helpful! Let me know what you think :)

Alicia x
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